Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy Trinidad Independence Day! Week 83

Well these past few weeks have just been pure madness! We've been working our tails off and been so crazy busy that the time is just flying by! 

On Tuesday we had district meeting and a bunch of regular appointments, nothing too crazy. We did get to see Marjore, Anisa and Jasie-Ann and they are doing so great! They are on track to get baptized on the 5th of September! But we did try and pass by a less active member in the night time to find him not home. His dad invited us into his huge house and showed us his 72 inch flat screen TV and his Mazda Rx-7, this car is sweet! It's all original and he keeps it nice... That was probably the highlight for the day! haha

On Wednesday we went out to a place called Princes town which is pretty far out for us so we only go out there once a week, but it's always an adventure! We got to see this member who literally for over an hour  tried to convince us that we need to join her company called Amway. Still not too sure what they do but it is definitely not for me. Especially because she got so vexed that we were like 8 minutes late, she was talking about how she has to move her meetings around whenever she is even a minute behind schedule. It was getting on my nerves. But we got to go see a super funny family that night who kind of complained the whole time about their extended family but it was super funny because it was just some silly argument and they ended up just laughing at the whole thing. They were in tears laughing at themselves with Elder Little and I just watching them...

On Thursday we had a sweet experience with taking Bishop Moore to see Marjorie and her family! He really enjoyed our lesson and is giving his approval for their baptism this weekend! He's super excited! And that night we had a super funny coordination meeting with our ward mission leader, he was basically telling all of us about how he's going to school to be able to counsel people and if he wanted to he could make one phone call and put us all in a mental institution... he's crazy, but is the hardest working member I've ever met on my mission. He's a great guy!

On Friday morning we went and picked up some pants that I had gotten tailored and this really nice Muslim guy who owns the tailor shop told me that he did it as service and i didn't need to pay him for it. All he asked was that we keep him in our prayers. It was a huge testimony builder to me to remember that there are good people everywhere. Even though we experienced a ton of rejection this past week there are good people everywhere who just want to serve others out of the kindness of their hearts. The rest of the day was pretty alright, we had some good lessons with Marjorie and her family as well with the Basdeo family who is this super sweet member family who is just so ready to learn and loves the missionaries! 

On Saturday morning because of the limit on Kilometers on our car we weren't going to be able to go to a baptism in Point Fortin but we were able to catch a ride down with a member. It was a sweet baptism for the sister missionaries of this guy named Renny! He's a super cool guy and it was an awesome beach baptism! It was overcast and right when the baptism ended it started dumping rain! I hadn't seen so much rain in a long time and so there was like 8 of us packed underneath this tarp on the beach just trying not to get too wet! It was insane! 

On Sunday we had a super sweet Fast and Testimony meeting a week early because Stake Conference is next week! There was a ton of Spanish people there, one of the other elders in the ward is from the Dominican Republic and they are teaching a lady from the DR who only speaks Spanish so it is super cool to see her desire to get up to bear her testimony and have the elder translate for her in Sacrament meeting even though she is just an investigator, she is super solid! There was also a family visiting from Venezuela who only spoke Spanish and a member bore his testimony in Spanish that he had learned on his mission! It was a super powerful Testimony meeting, mostly because I didn't understand half of the testimonies... haha

On Monday it was Independence day so we couldn't have our P-day and everything was crazy so we had some service in the morning where we got to go paint a deck and then a day full of appointments falling through. But the coolest part of the day was that night we were driving home and all of these fireworks started going off for like a half hour! It really reminded me of home and all of the great times that I've had with my family at firework shows! It was super sweet! 

On Tuesday we had our district meeting which was good as always and had a pretty average day but that night we went to visit a referral with our Ward Mission Leader to see his neighbors who are super old and the lady had just attempted to commit suicide. It was super sad to see both of them in that state. They are both very sick and both a little bit not there mentally, but Brother Simmons just loves these two to death and it was, I think, exactly how the savior would have treated these two if he would have been there. It was amazing.

This was a crazy week and long time from P-day to P-day, but Thanks so much for all the love!


Elder Dorrance

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