Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Short week for sheezy - Week 84

Elder and Sister Martinez of the Caribbean Area Presidency

Yeah so I guess I emailed like 5 days ago, so this will be a bit of a shorter email.

On Thursday we had a superb Zone Conference where we were truly enlightened! haha We were able to have Elder and Sister Martinez of the Caribbean area presidency! It was amazing! Sister Martinez talked to us about our planning and how it really affects what we do and the success that we have! We were also taught by Elder Martinez what it means to be a full purpose missionary and what comes from that! It was awesome, but something that was also super cool that happened on Thursday was that Elder little and I were given the chance to be interviewed by Elder Martinez! It wasn't a long interview, or a worthiness interview, but it was just a chance that we were given to sit down and talk with him for a bit. It was truly a great time I was able to spend with Elder Martinez! 

On Friday we headed back up to the mission home to have Mission Leadership Council with the rest of the zone leaders and sister training leaders as well with Elder and Sister Martinez again! It was pretty cool to be a part of the leaders of the mission and get to hear how the area presidency wants to have things run! But on the way back from that we found out that the older, sick couple we were able to visit last Tuesday the woman, Belle, had passed away just two days after we saw her and they invited us to a wake for her that night. But by the time we got all the way back down to San Fernando it was in the evening. So we were fed by a really nice member and I went and picked up Elder Naylor and dropped off Elder Little to go and do the Baptismal Interview for Jasie-Ann and Marjorie, which both went off without a hitch! Then we were able to go to the wake of Belle. And for those who don't know what a wake is, it's just where the family of the deceased invites everyone over to the house to mourn with them through the night, it's kind of like a party, but it's not a party... haha and then because of her work schedule we went back and interviewed Anisa for baptism as well at like 9 o'clock at night! 

We woke up extra early to have the baptism at 6:30 in the morning so that Marjorie and Anisa could both get to work on time! But the Bishop was there and everything went super well! So that was a great start to our Saturday, which is good because Saturday was a long day... We got fed again by the Dass family who is moving to Texas in the next week or so! It was probably the best Roti and Curry I've had in Trinidad! I was a happy camper! Then we were able to contact into a very interesting man who believed in William Branham as a prophet. I had never heard of him before so we were able to chat with him for a while about his beliefs and testify of the Prophet Joseph Smith, just to get sent right back out the door as soon as Joseph Smith was brought up, kind of funny, but  a very interesting religion!

On Sunday we had an amazing Stake Conference broadcasted from Port of Spain which was super great! President and Sister Egbert especially gave great talks about the conditional and unconditional blessings of the Atonement! It was pretty cool! But later that evening we headed out to a part of our area that is super distant just to have everyone out there cancel on us, so that was definately a bummer afternoon and evening.

This morning, because Elder little is going home we made a crazy trip up to Sangre Grande where he started his mission and the area that I just came from so that Elder Little could see some of the people he got to know so well! It was pretty fun to get to see all of the people in Grande again even though I just saw them a  few weeks ago!

But it was a short week but a great one!

Thanks for the emails!

One Love,

Elder Dorrance

Elder Little, Marjorie, Anisa and Jasie-Ann

Being fed again by Sister Suepaul in Sangre Grande

Trinidad Zone Conference with President and Sister Egbert and Elder and Sister Martinez

Video of Trinidad Independence day fireworks:
(videos only seem to work on computers so you are out of luck if you are on a mobile device)

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