Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another Crazy Fast Week! Week 82

Beautiful Trinidad Sunset

Well this week was pretty ridiculous for sure!

On Tuesday we had district meeting in the morning with the Assistants and the Sando Missionaries and then we were able to have Elder Nebeker come out with us all day! And because the other A.P. can't drive the transfer van which is a manual, they took our car and we rode in the van all day! It was pretty fly! But it was cool because we had a couple of appointments fall through but we were able to meet some forreal awesome people! Like we were just walking and walked right into this birthday party where they invited us in and gave us food and drink and were pretty cool. A couple of the younger people were even pretty interested in meeting with us, so that was pretty sweet! 

On Wednesday I headed out to an area called Princes town for the first time where there used to be a church branch but now there is just a bunch of inactive members that we need to go and check up on. When we got there it turned out that the member who shows us around couldn't make it so we kind of had to stumble around up there on Elder Little's memory which turned out to work pretty well for us! But we met with the Ramnarine family who are so poor it hurts me. It really took me back to the days in Guyana where a ton of people just really have nothing. There are like 7 people in this little one room house and everyone shares a bed. The dad is a cocaine addict and the family is just so sweet and puts up with his crap. They are super sweet and love the gospel and would come to church in a heartbeat if they could afford to come out. It was really a pretty humbling experience. It was also pretty crazy today because of how much it rained, it seriously rained for like 3 hours straight! It was ridiculous.

On Thursday we had a cruddy day... We have really been trying to rebuild our teaching pool and we are just getting rejection after rejection. Nobody will talk to us... Thursday was a day jam-packed full of rejection... But we had a super effective coordination meeting and an interesting lesson with the Dennis family that night. They are less-active and I'm not sure why, but they just are. They love the gospel and have testimonies, just don't come... super weird!

On Friday we had a ton of people that we taught and had a pretty alright day! We had a sweet lesson with Marjorie and her Grand-daughter Jasie-Ann who should be getting baptized on the 5th of September! Super exciting!

On Saturday we had an actually great time finding! Saturday was the only day of the week that we actually found anyone cool that we were able to contact into! Like this one lady we called into her house and her son came out and didn't look too interested so we started walking away and he yelled back after us that his mom is coming. So she invited us to sit down and got us some water and then she started talking to us about her beliefs as a Muslim which was cool and she even gave us a Quran. It was super nice of her to let us share a little bit about what we believe and then she was able to share with us! 

On Sunday Anisa, Marjorie, and Jasie-Ann all came out to church which was pretty awesome! All 3 of them should be getting baptized in September and they all really loved chruch! San Fernando ward is probably the best ward or branch I've ever seen on my mission that fellowships with investigators so amazingly! They immediately just took Jasie-Ann and Anisa into young womens that was super cool. And we even got a text later that evening from the young womens asking for their numbers to invite them to a young women activity this week! That has never happened on my mission before and it was just a real testimony builder for me of the power of member work and fellowship!

This morning though we got to head up to Curepe to have th All Trinidad Sports day which is always fun! All the zones get together and hangout and play sports! It's super fun to get to see everyone!

It was a fast week and I hope everyone else had a good one!

Much Love,

Elder Dorrance

Grateful to Elder Little for the pictures since my camera broke...

Trinidad Sports Day

Not sure what this is about..(editor)

2014 Corolla - What I get to drive everyday

Mission transfer van

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