Monday, September 21, 2015

Trunkie Week 86

At the top of San Fernando Hill, Trinidad

San Fernando, Trinidad

Haha this week was pretty ridiculous... Elder Little has been extremely good at staying focused, this being his last transfer. But it doesn't help when every other missionary and member points it out to us on a daily basis that he is going home... haha

But on Tuesday we were able to have an awesome district meeting in Point Fortin taught by Elder Ahanonu about the qualities of the Stripling warriors found in the Book of Mormon and how we can apply these attributes to ourselves and our missionary work! It was an awesome meeting for sure! But once we finally started the long drive up to San Fernando it started raining super hard and of course there was tons of traffic... But we got up and had to stop at the senior couples house for a bit to pick up a rent check and talk to them about a few things. They are pretty cool. It's great to see these Senior missionaries who sure give up a lot to come serve away from grandchildren and family, and they help a ton, I know they've helped me a ton! We had a sweet lesson with the Basdeo family later that night about Humility! 

Wednesday morning we had a lesson with a woman named Emma who we contacted just last week who seems extremely interested in the Restoration! After we talked to her a bit about the Book of Mormon we invited her to be baptized and she agreed! It was pretty sweet to see this woman who is just so prepared accept the gospel! Then in the Afternoon we headed out to Princes town which is where we go only once a week because of how far away it is. We only really go out there because there used to be a branch out there but it got shut down because the leaders couldn't cooperate. But when we got out there and were about to get out of the car the sisters down in Point called us with quite the story... haha They told us they were contacting and this man called out to them and told them to come up the stairs, so when they got up the were talking with him for a few minutes and he seemed like a nice old man. But one of the sisters dropped something and bent over to pick it up and this man leaned over and kissed her on her butt! haha They were freaking out when they told us! Sis G who got kissed was just frantic! haha It was probably the funniest thing of the day for sure! Later that night we got to go back to the Senior couples house for Elder Bakers birthday for a few minutes and grab some birthday cake which was extremely nice of them!

I don't think I've ever felt as full as I did on Thursday. We got fed some of the best curried chicken and curried potato and channa with Roti I think I have ever had. But it was amazing. It definitely has some perks being the companion to a dying missionary, I get fed all the time, I get to become good friends with the members and I still get to stay! Haha But after we had awesome Curry we had Coordination meeting which was pretty normal only right after the meeting we were able to give Sister R, one of the sister missionaries a blessing. It was pretty cool, she was getting her wisdom teeth out the next morning and she was in a ton of pain and pretty nervous for her surgery and so it was just cool to see the power that comes from priesthood blessings! Then we went and got fed again by some other members. I literally thought I was going to explode when I got home...

On Friday we had a pretty normal day other than we got to do a baptismal interview for the Elders investigator that was getting baptized this last weekend. It was the last one Elder little would ever get to do, so he was pretty excited! But the only thing is that she is from the Dominican Republic so she speaks next to zero English so we had to have one of the elders, Elder Uri translate for them which was pretty amazing to see! But she passed, her whole family is members of the church in the Dominican Republic and she found that now is the time for her to follow their example! The only downside is that later on in the evening we got a call from the elders telling us that they caught her smoking... So yeah... That was a pretty big downer... But she still came out to church and wants to change! Then the rest of our night completely crashed on us and we met Elder Baker and he bought us gyros to take home and eat while we planned! Haha

On Saturday we met this amazing gentleman in the morning named Wesley! He's very open and willing to learn, it's cool to see all of the amazing people we've been able to meet this last week and hope and pray that we are able to help them progress in the next few weeks! We were able to have a ton of cool contacts throughout the rest of the day as well! Tons of cool people out in an area we haven't worked in too much this last transfer!

On Sunday we spent a few hours having Elder Little say goodbye to some members some of which I've never even met that I was able to set up times to go back and visit again when Elder Cox gets here! 

It's been a great week, lots of goodbyes for Elder Little. I've sure loved serving with him. He's a great friend and he has a bright future ahead of him! Definitely "an angel sent here to San Fernando" Gonna miss him!

Peace, Blessings, Guidance.

Elder Dorrance

Today we went to Dattatreya Temple to see the Hanuman Statue, one of the tallest Hindu Statues in the world, 85 feet tall!

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