Monday, September 28, 2015

Curve Ball Transfers - Week 87

Goodbye Elder Little!

So this week was just pretty crazy for sure... 

On Tuesday we had a combined district meeting with the whole zone which was pretty fun and then headed to Sister Persaud's house. She is one of the longest members of the church in Trinidad and has an amazing house! Crazy amounts of books and it was just amazing! She made us these hand pressed cheeseburgers tha were just to die for! Haha Then we spent the rest of the evening driving around letting Elder Little say goodbye to people which was good. But we had to drive down to Point Fortin again to pick up the Elders down there because they were both getting transfered out and when we reached home I got an interesting phone call from the Asisstants telling me that I wouldn't be picking up Elder Cox at the office but that I would be picking up Elder Parker from the office who was supposed to be a zone leader and training in Arima but wasn't aloud to drive anymore because his work permit expired! So Today I am with Elder Parker and will be until his work permit comes through. The Asisstants have told us that they would like to have Elder Parker up in Arima and Elder Cox down here with me, so as soon as that goes through I get Elder Cox ! Haha kind of crazy, but should be fun!

On Wednesday we woke up and headed up to Couva to meet some missionaries and to drop other missionaries off but their car wouldn't start in Chaguanas so we had to drive to Chaguanas and drop people off there instead and it was just a huge mess! Then when we finally got to Valsayn I had a hard goodbye to say as I left Elder little at the mission home. Elder Little and I had a great transfer and I was sad to see him go! But I know I'll see him again soon! Then Elder Parker and I had a LONG drive back down to Point Fortin to drop off the elders there and didn't get back until like 6 at night and so we saw a couple people and headed home.

Thursday we had weekly planning and had some sweet appointments. We got to see some investigators that aren't really progressing much which is kind of sad but we were able to go to a anniversary service thing for a members husband who just passed away which was kind of weird but we got fed well...

On Friday we had a crap load of lessons and saw plenty members. We really want to work on member work here in San Fernando because our previous efforts to get members on our own have been not really working for us... haha

On Saturday we had to hustle through some lessons in the afternoon because we had a zone leader skype training at 3 and about a half hour before it started where we were going to skype cancelled on us and so we had to scramble to find somewhere to skype and got to call some members all over the place and finally found somewhere and got to the meeting just before it started. But unfortunately because of the meeting we didn't get to start our fast until like 5 o'clock which was kind of a bummer... But we did have a sweet lesson with a guy named Marcus who was a referral from a member up in Couva that turned out to be pretty solid! It was a super cool lesson!

On Sunday we had pretty average church but there was some members that came out from Rio Claro which is like almost a two hour drive away and asked us to go visit them so we get to head out there on Friday! But we had some lessons and ended our fast and then headed out to see some members in a place called Gasparillo that went super well! Then we got invited to the senior couples for some popcorn to grab on our way in which was way nice of them!

It was a crazy little week but it went by quick! I'm sad I'm not with Elder Cox but it should be good to serve with Elder Parker! 

One Love!

Elder Dorrance

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