Monday, September 14, 2015

And another one down...Week 85

Elder Little

Man I'm sure that I'm going to look back on the blog and think "How is it that I keep writing that all of these weeks are going by fast when my journal says the days are slower than ever?" Haha But this was another fast week all in all...

On Tuesday we had a sweet Zone Meeting that Elder Little and I taught on from MLC last week which went really really well! It was all about Baptism and being prepared for baptism! It was very inspired. Later that night also we had an awesome lesson with a guy named Renny and his girlfriend! They seem really sweet and sincere!

On Wenesday we had a long day with some stuff fall through, nothing too crazy. We head out to this part of our area that's pretty far away but there's lots of really humble and sweet members out there that just can't get to church! It's too bad... But there's a member out there named Sister Games and she made us some sweet Pholourie! You'll have to look it up! She made it with some Tamarind sauce and it was divine! 
Pholouri - sweet balls of fried split-pea flour, about the size of doughnut holes, they come glazed in either a mango or tamarind chutney sauce. Picture courtesy of google.

On Thursday we had a sweet lesson with an investigator named Indra and she accepted baptism for the 17 of October! Super sweet! We just need to help her with a few things and she will be golden! We had a sweet coordination meeting as well and Brother Simmons brought a bunch o food for Elder Little's second to last coordination meeting on his mission! Then we had the rest of our appointments for the night fall through so we headed to see a member that will hopefully give us some friends to go teach!

On Friday night we had some sweet lessons with some members that live out in Williamsville and got to go see some less active youths in that area as well who haven't been to church in a while! It was really cool because we hadn't gone to see them in a long time! 

On Saturday we spent a lot of time with contacting and got to meet a bunch of people! One experience was pretty cool though. We talked to this guy to get out of the rain and he mentioned he knew the stake president, then his son came out who said he met a sister missionary in the airport in Texas coming here and then another young lady came out who is a member of the church and hasn't been to church in a while! Way cool to get to meet a ton of cool people all at once! Then we drove to Point Fortin to Drop off Elder Little to go to church in Point and I tool Elder Albis with me!

Great church on Sunday, nothing out of the ordinary, but we had a great lesson with a guy named Elrick and his girlfriend about the Book of Mormon! They seemed super interested and invited us back later this week! Elder Albis is a boss and we had a ton of fun with each other yesterday!

We got to go to the beach down here in point Fortin this morning with the zone as well! It was fun to have everyone together... I got rall burned!

Crazy week and I'm out of time!

One Love, Bless up!

Elder Dorrance

Elder Albis

Trinidad Zone at Point Fortin 

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