Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Such a great week! Week 17

So this has been such an amazing week!

On Tuesday we had a good Zone meeting and then I was able to go on a trade off with Elder Felix, the St. Lucian who is like 4 foot 11. He's a stud and a spiritual giant! I love him to death. We saw some cool people and met a new family who I hope is able to hear our message and really feel it's power!

Then on Wednesday we traded back companions. Elder Sherren and I were able to pick up our packages and go see some great less active families to end the night. Then we headed home. We both just happened to get packages on the same day! We both had candy and goodies all over the place, so we decided to live it up a little and when we finished planning we ate hi-chews, beef jerky and played skip-bo until it was time to hit the sack! It was a great night!

Then on Thursday Elder Sherren had to interview someone in Canje so I was able to go on another trade-off with Elder Westra who came and spent the day and night with me. He is an awesome missionary who has been out now for about 16 months. He's a great missionary and really knows how to teach people! I loved being with him for a few days and getting to learn from him! 

On Friday, we traded back and were able to go with the branch president of Bushlot Branch to visit a little girl who reminds me so much of Sydney. She got baptized on Friday as well! She is only 8 but the family wanted us the missionaries to teach her. She had her older brother Leon baptize her, he is leaving to the England Leeds mission in like 2 week. She's awesome and is really happy to have joined her family by being baptized! She also was joined by Brian who is 11 and was also so excited to be baptized! 

On Saturday we had two extremely successful baptisms and a great day all around.

On Sunday I went to Rosignol and Elder Sherren went to Bushlot so that we could go and support both people being confirmed which was so awesome. I had the awesome privilege to confirm Brian a member! I am really loving this area and the people here, everyone is amazing and so nice to me! I absolutely love it here.

Yesterday, Monday, was Guyana Independence day so they moved P-day to today because literally everything was shut down. So we had district meeting which was great and then went out seeing people. We had a great FHE with the Ramdiholl family who is less active but really wants to change. I can just see it and I have a firm testimony that this gospel blesses families! So awesome!

Today we headed over the bridge again to play some cricket with the zone! Which was super fun, but kind of hard except for Elder Felix who grew up playing it. I had never even heard of it... haha! Then they wanted to play soccer, but I had to sit that one out because of another ingrown toenail. but it was great to get out there and wear my wonderful worn-out vans again and to wear shorts! I love shorts! 

It was a fantastic week here in Rosignol. I can't believe I hit 4 months in just a couple days. Elder Sherren hits his 15 month mark today, which is a long time away, but I am loving my time here!

Hope everyone is doing great! I love you tons and can't wait to hear from you! Have a great week!

Elder Dorrance

This bird is alive, we caught it because it had string wrapped around its feet.

Package from home: Hi-chews and new Moab t-shirt

New companion - Elder Sherren


Silly Putty makes me silly.

me, Brian, Leon, ?, Elder Sherren

Coconut from a member's back yard.

Monday, May 19, 2014

B-E-A-utiful - Week 16

Well this has been a great week! We worked hard and had some success from it!

On Tuesday we had a great District meeting and then went to go and teach for the day. Our first lesson scheduled was with Sister Babita and her son Bryan. Both of them have been taught before and are ready to be baptised but they weren't baptized because Babita isn't married and Bryan was only 8 when the missionaries were teaching him. Now he's 11 and should be getting baptized this upcoming Saturday! 

Then on Wednesday we went about business as usual and met with a less active family who hasn't been to church for some time! Their name is the Ganpats. They have been baptized for a long time now, but he sure likes his rum! haha. He's a good guy and loves telling us he's a member of the church when he's wasted. But when he's sober, he loves coming to church and listening to us read scriptures to him. He can't read or write but loves the gospel. Hopefully he will stop working on Sundays and come to church this week!

On Thursday we had to go to a village called Rose Hall and have Elder Sherren do a baptismal interview for a young lady who was baptized last Saturday. That took all day long. We only taught like 3 lessons, but it was good to meet some people outside of our area and help someone on their way to baptism.

On Friday we taught plenty lessons and had a great day getting Elder Sherren used to the area. We had a lot of walking to do on Friday. That's where we stumbled on that B-E-A-utiful sunset!

On Saturday we had a less productive day because so many things fell through, which was tough especially because Elder Sherren can't give any input on where we should go because he doesn't know anyone in this country yet... haha. But we were able to contact some people and we always find meaningful things to fill our time! 

On Sunday we went to church and had some interesting lessons as usual. I love Guyanese people, they understand the basic doctrine, but love to add a little of their own in with it. It doesn't make it false, but it is hard to help people understand opinions vs. doctrine. I love church here though! haha. Then we went with the branch president to his friends wedding to meet with some people and get fed. a lot. and then we went and had another great lesson right after that. and got fed. a lot. haha. I was feeling a little full and ready to take a nap for a bit after all of the spicy chicken and rice. haha so good!

All in all it was a very successfull week here in Rosignol! Hope all is well at home! I love you all! Stay safe and sober! and remember,

Live your life a quarter mile at a time.
(-Vin Diesel)
Love always,

Elder Dorrance

Too bad 1000 dollars in Guyana is only worth about $5 in the US.

Monday, May 12, 2014

This week. Week 15

So This has been a pretty poor week for missionary work... haha

But on Tuesday I left Elder Hodgkinson so he could spend the night in Georgetown to fly out the next morning! So Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I spent in Canje with two other missionaries while we all waited for our new companions!

On Thursday I went to Georgetown with the senior couple to get some visa stuff worked out and picked up Elder Sherren! Elder Sherren is sick! He's from Texas and he's been out like 14 months now. He's a great missionary and I know that we will get a long way well!

Then on Friday I went to Suriname. So there's a rule in Guyana's government that foreign missionaries can only be in the country for 90 days and then they have to leave. So every 3 months missionaries get on a ferry to Suriname, stamp their passports and get right back on the ferry to Guyana. Which took all of Friday. Then on Saturday it would have been our first full day working but Elder Sherren got some kind of bug and felt awful all afternoon on Saturday, so we let him rest for a bit. Then yesterday was bad for missionary work, but fantastic for Elder Dorrance. I was able to go to church and visit a few people but I skyped my family! Which made me super happy!

I loved talking to them especially my mom. Happy mothers day to all the moms out there. I don't know where I would be without mine!

All in all an ok week. I've been feeling better all around and I'm excited for another transfer here in Guyana!

Have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Dorrance

Ferry to Suriname

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transfer Week - Week 14

This week has been long and crazy! But really great all at the same time!

For the whole last transfer Elder Hodgkinson has been singing the John Denver Song "Leaving on a Jet Plane" He has been so insistent that he will be leaving and heading to St. Martin, the supposed most beautiful island in the mission. Well on Tuesday we found out that we would be getting interviewed by President Mehr on Thursday, so on Wednesday he was getting extremely excited about his interview because he was so set that he would be leaving... well Wednesday was a long day for him, I did my best to keep him focused, but he found time to keep singing John Denver... But we had a good couple lessons with some solid investigators on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday was the 2015 Celebration of the church being in the West Indies for 25 years. So we headed over to the Chapel in Canje a little early to get our interviews and to attend the Celebration performance. We had our interviews and I found out that my next companion will be Elder Sherren. Don't know anything about him, so I will tell you next week... But Elder Hodgkinson found out that he is going to be heading to....... St. Martin.
I was shocked, haha, he got his wish. He is a very blessed missionary.

But the celebration went really well! It was basically just a talent show, showing everyone that came how not-weird Mormons are... haha! but it was awesome!

Then on Friday We had a regular day of just going out teaching!

But Saturday we headed up To Georgetown for Zone Conference with President and Sister Mehr! It was extremely inspiring and I loved being there! When that got over, Georgetown had their Celebration performance, which was extremely well made also!

On Sunday we were able to attend the Bushlot branch and Elder Hodgkinson got to say his goodbyes to those he has met!

Then on Monday we had district meeting and a regular proselyting day because it was National Indian Arrival day marking 146 years since Indians came to Guyana. At district meeting we were able to take a zone picture and have a good time saying goodbyes... 

Then today, Tuesday,  Elder Hodgkinson and I woke up really early to make sure we got over the bridge before it closed and got to Canje where I will be staying with two other missionaries while we all wait for our new companions to get here!

I have loved serving with Elder Hodgkinson, and won't forget what he's taught me. He's an amazing missionary and will go far in missionary work and in life! I love him to death!

I guess that's it for this week! Thanks so much for all the love and support! I love you all and can't wait to hear from you next week!

Have a great week!

Stay Safe and Sober!

Elder Dorrance

I can't believe I could get so close to this goat and it didn't care

Zone picture from top row left to right is me, Elder Chapman (Rose Hall, Guyana), Elder Hodgkinson (St. Martin), Elder Tillotson (St. Vincent), Elder Jamison (he went home today), Elder Hendry (Canje, Guyana), 
Bottom-Elder Felix (New Amsterdam, Guyana) Sister Carter and Elder Carter (senior couple over the zone), and Elder Pollard (Rose Hall, Guyana)