Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference and a long drive! Week 88

Elder Parker

Well it's been another week here in the B-E-A- utiful land of Trinidad down in San Fernando and quite a bit has happened this week! And if this email is a little funky it's because I left my planner at a members house on Friday and won't get it back until Thursday! Sorry!

On Tuesday we had an awesome district meeting by Elder Naylor about having a positive attitude on our work and how a positive attitude really blesses us! Then we had a full afternoon of everything falling through and when we called an investigator to see if she was home while standing outside her house she told us that her husband doesn't want us coming over anymore but that we can still call to check up on her and stuff... so that was a for sure downer. But we had a great lesson with a recent convert of ours, sister R and her husband who is high up in the Methodist church here in Trinidad and was asking some great questions! 

On Wednesday afternoon we headed out to a part of our area called Princes town and had some cool lessons with the members out there! There used to be a branch out in Princes town, but because of fighting in the leadership they shut it down, but there is still great members out there! But that night we were able to have a great lesson answering some questions of an investigator named Marcus who is a relative and referral from a member out in Couva! He has a ton of questions and loves to talk and even asked us if he could be baptized! But right now we are a little worried that he may be seeking information from not the best sources... But right now he seems solid and just got married to the woman he's been living with on Saturday!

On Thursday we did some more finding after lunch which was normal. But there was a lady who was really rude to us when we just asked her name and she straight up told us that she already knows everything about our church. So that made me a little peeved and I got kind of smart with her which was completely un-Christlike of me to do and I felt super bad after we walked away... haha but we met this crazy cool guy named Chris who we talked to outside of his house for about 15 minutes and then he invited us inside to learn more! We testified of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon which was super powerful and invited him to read it which he said he would! He is a single guy with two kids and is trying to know the truth! 

Friday was the so-called "Long Drive" We got up and drove about an hour to the mission home for Mission Leadership Council with the other leaders in the mission to go over some policies that President Egbert and the Assistants want us to review with our Zones to help us be more obedient. We also talked a lot about what to teach members. One of our Key indicators that has been assigned to us from President Egbert was AMV's which is Active member visits where we teach active members and seek referrals from it. But they told us that a great way to help investigators feel the spirit to share the gospel is found in the Atonement! So that was way cool! Then we drove the hour back to San Fernando to meet up with Bishop Moore to drive us out to Rio Claro which is about a 90 minute drive. We had a sweet lesson with them about the Atonement and they fed us Hot Dogs and Root Beer! Real American Stuff! It was extremely nice of them! But Rio Claro is right in the middle of San Fernando and Sangre Grande and Brother Gopaul works in Grande so he got it to them on Sunday. By the time we got back it was about 7 and we just had everything fall through to do some night time contacting which was a bummer...

SAturday conference was exceptional! Shout out to my mom for loving my almost as unconditionally as Christ does and I loved being reminded of it by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. It was amazing to be so spiritually fed both Saturday and Sunday! 

But on Sunday in between the morning and afternoon sessions we got "Real Fed" by a member family at a park close to the church which was way cool! Curried Aloo and Roti! It was sweet! We also set a baptismal date with our investigator named Stacey which she is stoked about! It was amazing!

But this week was good! lot's of driving and lots of "Spiritual Food"


Elder Dorrance

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