Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crazy Awesome Week! Week 57

So this week was pretty crazy and boring all at the same time.

On Tuesday we had a combined district meeting in Blackrock with the entire zone which was fun, because we get to sign some journals and stuff, but at about 12 all of the trainers on the island had a kind of Skype meeting into Trinidad to meet our new trainees and to learn from President Mehr, it was pretty cool! Then we spent the rest of the day with the Zone Leaders because it didn't make any sense to drive all the way back to our area just to come back down to spend the night in Oistins to get Elder Barlow off to the airport by 6 A.M.

On Wednesday we were up bright and early to go drop those goobers off at the airport, then elder Harding and I went to the driver license place to get me a license so that Elder Felix and I could do some work while we waited for Elder Moli (my new missionary) and Elder Felix's companion to get in. So after a bit we headed to the airport to wait for about a half hour for their flight to get in, but it turns out it was delayed since the morning and we waited for 3 hours for his flight... After which we drove to the other elders apartment for some lunch because we were dying and then headed on home to have a last minute lesson with a guy named Tony and his brother Clyde! It was pretty good! They seem to be interested in the Book of Mormon and are willing to give it a try!

On Thursday we weekly planned and headed to the other Elder's apartment for lunch because right after that we had to go practice for a puppet show we were doing the next day. The puppet show practice was fine, it's just a show about eating healthy and not drinking or smoking, it's kind of funny at times and pretty cheesy at other times, but it's all for the kids... Then we went home that night and had a lesson with a woman named Heather who seems pretty cool, just barely meeting her though...

On Friday we got picked up and driven to where we had the puppet show, it was this big festival thing they call aggrofest. It's all about farmer stuff, but it looked a lot like a regular fair from home, but it went pretty well. And since we were running on Caribbean standard time our show didn't go on until about 2 hours late, so that took the whole day, then we had game night at the branch with a big group of members which is always fun beating Bajan people at dominoes, it's like their past time... haha good times!

On Saturday we had to do the puppet show again and it started late AGAIN so we didn't get home until about 5 o'clock when we started our fast. But we did have an awesome lesson with Pierre and Philippe. It was awesome! We talked about the Book of Mormon again and really answered some questions they had gotten from reading!

On Sunday we had regular fast and testimony meeting and lunch at a members house after. But for some reason on Sundays nobody really wants to talk to the missionaries because we had all of our set appointments fall through on us, some of them we had even set up that day, kind of lame, but it's all good!

It was a great week and I'm excited to be able to serve with Elder Moli! He's a great missionary and we will be able to see a whole lot of success here in St. George over the next few months!

Thanks for all you do and I hope that you have a great week!

Love you all!

Love, Elder Dorrance

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