Monday, March 23, 2015

Sick week, literally and figuratively! Week 60

It was a great week here in Barbados! 

On Tuesday we had a second zone conference Skype with the area president Elder Cornish which was really cool! He talked a lot about the doctrine of the atonement and how to better teach it to help our investigators and members! It was really good and took a good portion of the day and later that night we were back at the church for a devotional broadcast from Elder Cornish again for the members here in the West Indies.

On Wednesday Elder Woodruff and I were able to go on a trade off together, but he was feeling pretty sick so we headed home after lunch so that he could try to sleep some of it off and after that we headed out. We had a lot of appointments cancel on us which was a bummer, but we had a sweet couple contacts and an awesome lesson with Philippe and he invited us over to come back the next day. But that evening the Senior couple called to have us drive down and pick up some stuff to soak my nasty toes in to help the ingrown stuff, and after that it was late so we just had to head home!

On Thursday we traded back and came home to do our weekly planning which went well and had another awesome lesson with Philippe and with a lady that we contacted named Natasha! It was really great! But the rest of the day we just spent contacting!

On Friday we had an awesome lesson with a guy named Chris Daniel. He is really open to the restoration and I'm thinking really understands it... I hope he understands it! haha But we were supposed to have a lesson with a member that lives in our area but she had to cancel because of the third male rule, her husband was heading out when we were going to come over, so that was kind of a bummer...

On Saturday we had an awesome day planned with only a few things falling through. But we did have an awesome lesson with a guy named Tony about the Restoration also, he seems really sincere, now it's just a matter of getting him to church! We also had an awesome lesson with a woman named Maria who really had some of her questions answered about the atonement and her purpose in this life. It is so cool to see the way that the plan of salvation can bless people's life and give them a sense of direction.

Sunday was bare finding after church and that's basically all we did for the day. We met some pretty cool people! So that was fun, I am starting to really love contacting, it's really how the work starts to move along, sometimes you just have to take it into your own hands...

But it was a great week other than this cold I caught from Elder Woodruff that has been following me all week. 

Thanks for everything! Love you a batch!

Love, Elder Dorrance

This is what happens when you play basketball in your sandals

Elder Moli

We went to the Zoo today

Turtles on the backs of the Alligators

Babados Deer

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