Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Zone Conference - Week 58

This week was pretty great! Because of some errands that Elder Moli and I had to run we were able to have the car for a few days which was really nice to help us reach the outer part of our area!

On Tuesday we had a great district meeting by Elder Woodruff talking about member work and how we can improve on our member work. Then we had a meeting with the Mehrs talking about language study for those learning English! The mission is supplying all the missionaries with a work book that can help them learn English faster that is put out by the church, so that should be a huge help when trying to help Elder Moli learn English! But on Tuesday we had a kick butt lesson with our investigator Philippe about the Atonement. He really loves and has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ, so it is great to talk about and discuss a common belief that we have and then to share with him about the Plan of Salvation and how he can more fully apply the Atonement in his life! It was sweet!

On Wednesday we were able to go to a birthday party for this older member in the branch. She had some awesome food and we met a bunch of her friends from around the neighborhood and got to talk about the church and the Book of Mormon with them! It was way cool! Then we had a sweet lesson with a young woman named Rashida about the Book of Mormon. I think she is interested, we are going to see her this weekend again so we will find out more.

On Thursday we weekly planned and had a lesson with a woman named Valerie which went really well. Then we actually had to leave and catch a bus to the Oistins sisters area to go and pick up their car because we needed to borrow it the following morning. But that night we had a pretty successful branch council talking about some of the less active members that we could go visit!

Then the next morning we woke up early and drove all the way out to St. Phillip to pick up some elders to take them down to the immigration office to get them legal then drove them back to the senior couples apartment, Then we drove all the way back out to Black Rock to pick up those elders and drove back to Oistins to get them their driving permit and drove them all the way home and by the time we got all the way home we were able to have an awesome lesson with our investigator named Heather! It was super cool, we talked about the restoration and prophets! It was sweet! 

On Saturday we had a full morning of regular studies and for Elder Moli's language study we went out and just started talking to people! He's a great teacher and knows English really well! Just needs some refining, as does mine... haha Then we had an awesome lesson with a woman named Maria who asked us about where we come from and why we're here, so we had a really awesome lesson about our purpose here in this life. It was awesome! That night we went to a training by President and Sister Mehr which was really awesome talking about working in unison with our councils and then watched "Meet the Mormons" Which was amazing! It was so cool to see!

Sunday we had regular church with President and Sister Mehr there. and had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators named Wendy and a bunch of her friends! It was sweet! They asked a bunch of questions about the Book of Mormon and were really excited about it!

Yesterday we had to wake up a little early to go all the way to St. Phillip to pick up the missionaries flying in from Grenada for Zone Conference, and then drive all the way out to pick up Elder Woodruff and elder Ort to get to zone conference right on time! The focus of the conference was focusing on our member efforts and how they can improve! It was really great to hear and we are going to take a lot of what we learned and apply it to our area in the coming weeks!

This week was jam packed! But so amazing!

Thanks for all you do for me! 

Love you always!

Elder Dorrance

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