Monday, March 30, 2015

Another Week Flies By...Week 61

And yet another week on this wonderful adventure has completely flown right by.

On Tuesday I was able to go on a trade-off with one of our Zone Leaders Elder Harding. We spent the first hour trying to find out where someone lived which took way too long because I can't really understand Bajan directions very well, but his name is Kareem and he seems to be pretty interested in the gospel! We also had  a sweet lesson with a woman named Heather and her sister Tiffany about the Plan of Salvation and talked to them about conference and they said that they would try their best to come! Also that night we had another awesome lesson with Philippe and Pierre and it was sweet! They both came with so many questions about Priesthood authority and how to get it and where it is! It was sweet!

On Wednesday morning we traded back and dropped the truck off to Elder Woodruff so that they could go and do some baptismal interviews later that day and we had a really good lesson with a woman named Marisa. We had to wait for her to get home for just a little bit so when she got home she was tired and had stuff to do around the house but we just shared something short with her and invited her to read the introduction page of the Book of Mormon! It went really well! But the rest of our night fell through so our night resulted in some okay contacting...

On Thursday we Weekly Planned and had a sweet lesson with a guy named Chris in the morning and later that night had a super powerful lesson with a woman named Valerie and her family about the Book of Mormon. It was super cool because they didn't really see a need for prophets today, so it was way powerful to bear testimony of the need of the Prophet and especially of Joseph Smith! It was way cool!

On Friday we did our studies in the morning and had an awesome lesson with a man named Tony about the Atonement which went really well. He really saw the need for it and how it can apply in his life! We also had another really good lesson with Philippe answering his questions about the Book of Mormon and inviting him to be baptized!

On Saturday we were able to go to a baptism in the morning and have a really awesome lesson with a woman named Maria in the evening about the Book of Mormon! It was just bare finding most of the day because of all the lessons we had fall through that day. Kind of a bummer but an awesome lesson with Maria!

On Sunday we had really good fast and testimony meeting and taught a man named Ian after church a little about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. He already commited to coming to church so he seems like he should be pretty interested! and that night we visited some older members in our area and talked to them about having a family home evening at their home which they agreed to! so that should be really good Too!

Sorry this one started good and got short at the end! I ran out of time again!

Thanks so much for everything!

Love you tons! Talk to you soon!

Love Elder Dorrance!

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