Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Last Week of a Great Transfer - Week 56

So this week was pretty average, nothing too much out of the ordinary, a lot of work.

On Tuesday we had district meeting on asking inspired questions, and the questions we should use, it was really good! Then that afternoon we went contacting, haha we didn't have too many appointments set up for the day so we went and we knocked on doors and tried to find some new people to teach.

On Wednesday we were having a super awesome day, we went and taught a contact we had the week before and had an awesome lesson with him. His name is Philippe. (Yes, it's french) He had a ton of questions and we played some dominoes and he made us popcorn, but when we came outside to head home my bike had been stolen... yeah I was pretty devastated because that bike costs about $1000.00 Bajan. so about 500 US. I didn't have the funds to get it back so I was pretty distraught. Especially when we had to go fill out a police report... oh man, it was bad news...

On Thursday we went looking for the bike for a bit and contacted a few people, but we did have a great lesson with a woman named heather in the evening, we watched the restoration video with her and her son in law which went really well and I hope they read before we go back!

On Friday we got a call telling us that our bike had been found by Philippe's older brother Pierre. So when we got to their house it turns out that the person who stole it was trying to part it out so the bike was in pieces so we watched Pierre's friend put my bike back together, a little too quickly, almost as if he knew exactly what he was doing... but anyway there was a few pieces missing but other than that everything was good! Then we had an awesome first lesson with a woman named Wendy who just told us straight up that she wants to be baptized and when her friend stopped by we told her about the Book of Mormon and they both told us that they want to look into it and get baptized! It was amazing!

On Saturday we got our transfer calls and I found out that I'll be staying here in Barbados and Elder Barlow is going to St. Martin. That's the second comapnion I've sent to St. Martin. My new companion is a fresh greeney from Tonga. No clue what his name is but I'm excited to meet him on Wednesday!

On Sunday we had great church and another awesome lesson with Phillipe in the evening!

It was a pretty great week and I am beyond excited for the upcoming weeks.

Thanks for all the love and support!

I love you tons and hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Elder Dorrance

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