Monday, March 16, 2015

Good Discussions - Week 59

So this week because P-day was on Tuesday last week was shorter, which is nice but kind of throws things off a bit.

On Wednesday we had a zone meeting in the morning talking a lot about what we heard at Zone Conference, but it was really cool to hear about working with the members in more depth. Then we had an awesome lesson with a woman named Marisa, we talked with her about the Book of Mormon and how it can bless her life! It was really nice to see her already accepting the gospel so early on. Then later that night we had a YSA broadcast from the Dominican Republic where the area President Elder Cornish and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke to us about marriage and things, it got me real excited to start my life... haha But Elder Holland spoke also about how 1 is a multitude, and he gave the example of how Abinadi had an almost unsuccessful mission except for the conversion of Alma who basically had his descendants write all of the Book of Mormon. That was cool.

On Thursday we Weekly Planned in the morning and had a really cool lesson with a woman we contacted named Natasha, she seems like she could be interested in the Book of Mormon, but we will be going by later this week to check up on her. We also had another sweet lesson with Philippe and Pierre about the afterlife and where we go when we die, which was a little confusing to them, but they seemed to want to find out for themselves.

On Friday we had to go to immigration in the morning so that I could be legal in the country and then we headed to the doctors office for Elder Moli. (Don't ask what it was about, none of your business;) But we had a cool lesson about the love of God with a man named Christ later that night that went really well.

On Saturday we did our studies in the morning and then went to go with the other missionaries to clean up a garden of an older woman's home for a few hours all the way on the other side of the island, it was really cool mostly because we did it without her knowing and she probably went out there today and freaked out! So that was really cool! But we were supposed to have an appointment later that night but it cancelled, so that was the let down for Saturday.

On Sunday we had an awesome lesson in Elder Quorum about Jesus Christ. Just a big discussion about his life and what he did for us! It was great! The rest of the day was just bare finding with little success.

It was a great week with Elder Moli here in Barbados and I'm incredibly excited for another one ahead!

Thanks for everything and I love you to death!

Love Always, Elder Dorrance

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