Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter/ Conference Week! Week 62

So yes! Another wonderful exciting week here in Barbados, West Indies!

On Tuesday we had a great District meeting by Elder Woodruff and then we were able to have a member up in our area with us for most of the evening named Gerad who is a returned missionary and is super fun to work with! We actually had almost all of our lessons fall through except two 18 year old young men. So it was nice to have Gerad there to meet them and get to know them a little bit. We had some great lessons with Gerad there. The problem with our area is that there are only like 5 members who live in our area and they are all either old or full time working. So it makes it hard to move the member work forward in St. George Barbados...

But on Wednesday we had a sweet lesson in the morning with a woman named Anita and her adult daughter named Juanne! It was a sweet lesson about the book of Mormon and they enjoyed it so much they asked us to download the app on their tablets so that they could get it in print size that they could read! It was sweet! Later that night we were contacting and actually were trying to talk to this lady as she was closing the blinds on her sliding glass window and ended up talking to them for a good while about the Book of Mormon and our work as missionaries! And told us because we don't cook enough for ourselves that she would make extra food on Sunday for us to go pick up! So that is always welcomed as a missionary! haha.

On Thursday we had an apartment inspection in the morning (yes mom, we passed) and later that day when most of our appointments fell through we were able to see a woman named Marisa who we testified to that she could also gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon through Prayer. I love testifying to people, it's probably when I feel the spirit the strongest when I testify of the Book or Mormon or of the Prophet Joseph Smith! I love this work!

On Friday we spent a good chunk of the afternoon and evening going finding with not a lot of lessons that day, just one that really stuck out was again with Anita and Juanne, we had invited her to read the first two chapters of the Book of Mormon which she started but stopped because she couldn't follow it. So we read it with her and explained the story a bit and she agreed to read the next two on her own which hopefully will work out!

Saturday was amazing! I love Conference but haven't experienced like I have on my mission. It's so uplifting and just amazing to hear from a living day prophet and apostles. But because of the time difference it started at 12 and so that took up our entire day with priesthood session getting over at ten o'clock in the night. We took some other Elders home with us for the night and woke up just to go for four more hours! It was awesome! I loved it! Also on Saturday I found out that elder Moli and I would be staying together and that I would be the new district leader replacing Elder Woodruff as he leaves! So I'm nervous/excited for that too! haha

Sunday was also spectacular! I love Conference! After Conference though we did go grab some food from those people we contacted and it was some of the best rice and chicken I've ever had! It was seriously amazing!  I can't really describe it, I may have just been hungry but it was pretty darn good!

It was an especially good week this week! I love being here and am excited for another transfer with Elder Moli!

Love you all and wish you the best! Happy Easter!

With Love, Elder Dorrance

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