Monday, March 31, 2014

Family Home Evening Questions from Home

Dear Elder,
As a family we would like specific questions answered.
Please respond accordingly.
Dad - tell me about a family you are currently teaching, how many in the family, what they do for a living and what prompted them to take the discussions?

Mitchell-What is yo fav color.

Sydney-why would you want to leave when you said The Lord wants you there?

Jonah- What do you miss most about home?Why?

Riley- what is your favorite Guyanese food and why?

Mom- what do the people there do for a living?

Dad- We don't really have any whole family investigators right now. We really like to focus if we can on part-member families because it helps to get everyone to church if they have someone there to help them. But those we have taught that aren't part members are because they have a friend in the church that really helps to let them see how normal people in our church are. They are scared because there are white boys promoting it. Everyone needs a fellowshipper and a calling in the church. The fellowshipper is vital

Mitchell- probably blue right now, i've noticed I don't have as many blue ties, I need to keep my eye out for more!
Sydney- Because Satan wants me to give up. It's really hard to be a missionary, and it would be so much easier to just come home and take it easy. So I say that when I'm really vulnerable and weak where Satan can get to me.
Jonah- The food. I basically starve myself because I can't handle how bad everything tastes, looks, and smells. I miss mom's cooking too, even though she doesn't cook often, I miss it.
Riley- They have this desert called a pine tart that is really pretty good. It's like a flaky pastry on the outside with some jelly filling thing on the inside. It's not too sweet but it tastes really good especially when it's warm.
Mom- Most people here cut cane for a living. It's really hard work, but that's really all they have to do! The cane season is about to end so I don't know what people will do when it's time to just wait for the cane to grow back...

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