Monday, March 17, 2014

New Haircut - New Apartment - Week 7

So this marks the beginning of my last week of my first transfer! I'm beyond excited to finally hit some kind of landmark! I have a long way going, but I can handle 17 more of these!

I feel like the weeks are really flying by! We were supposed to have a baptism last Saturday, but her dad pushed it back so he could be there, so this upcoming week we have a baptism on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Super exciting week! And President Mehr is coming to our Zone alone! Pretty awesome!

So I was almost unable to say that my grandmother was the only woman to cut my hair, but I still can! The man who cut my hair was named Trevor and he is a sick guy! His shop is setup like 15 steps from our old apartment! super sick guy, but you can see I got a little sun with my thick, curly locks...

Then we have our apartment all packed up again, just a short time there and then the nice new apartment! I didn't get a picture of the outside, sorry! Next week though!

Then we have a Macaw being held by Clinton, a 14 year old member boy who is kind of less active. He's a great kid, but won't come to church. He said I could hold his bird on that pole if I didn't want my fingers anymore... haha!

Then we have Elder Betty White making some super delicious Mac & Cheese this afternoon before emailing. I found that apron in the cupboard from the last senior couple, thought I'd give it a try, and just let me say that I do believe that my mac and cheese is probably some of the best anyone has ever had. Just saying...

And that is the outside of the meeting house for the Bushlot Branch, we cover two branches so I will get pictures of that one next week!

I would love to hear from anyone! My address is

243 Cedar Court
Lamaha Gardens
Georgetown Guyana

I love and appreciate you all! I hope you have a blessed week and a great day!

All my love,

Elder Dorrance

Old Apartment - Love the blue

New Apartment - Moving up in the world

yes, the spidey sheets are mine

Yum - Mac n Cheese.  Still not loving the Guyana Food.

Bushlot Branch Building

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