Monday, March 10, 2014

Another Week Down! Week 6

Today is the beginning of week 5 of a 6 week transfer! I am almost done with my first transfer! Pretty crazy! But it has been the most interesting and eye opening month and half of my life!
So I have the esteem privilege of being the feeding ground for a plethora of wonderful mosquito and Chiggers (What the senior Couple calls them) Which burrow into my skin and itch. It's not too bad, it definitely looks worse than it is though.
The Lizard is named sausage and he has been hanging out in our apartment for the last week or so, he's a good guy who leaves when we come in but he likes to lime (Chill) with us...
I'm getting much more accustomed to Curry. But I still don't like having to work to get my food off the bone. Not a huge deal, oh and the spice! HOLY MOLY I can't believe people eat this stuff on the daily! I drink so much water with every meal I eat with Guyanese people... haha I 'm doing very well though!
We had a baptism fall through on Saturday but we will have two this upcoming week and hopefully two next weekend as well! It's been good and the work is progressing here in Guyana!
I'm really learning a lot from my trainer and he keeps telling me that I'm training him and he's leaving for the islands after only one transfer of training me, you can tell he's been here in Guyana for 7 months or so.... he wants to get to the Islands bad. haha, he's a good guy though!
I'm losing a ton of weight! I don't know how much because I can't weigh myself, but it's a ton!
I'm also extremely sad to say that as of today I can no longer say that my grandmother is the only person to cut my hair, I had it cut extremely short so I can keep cool! I will send pictures next week, I didn't have my camera when I got it cut!
A funny story.  So the government has a restriction on the amount of missionaries that we can have in the country at one time. So we need more missionaries here in Guyana. So on thursday night we were just walking home when all of the sudden a big line of police cars drove by. when we asked who it was we were told it was the President of Guyana going to speak at a Hindu temple! when we went over there we were invited in by a very nice Hindu lady and we were able to give him a paper with the mission presidents phone number on it and told him to call him and talk to him. haha, a pretty cool experience! we were laughing because it would be a crapload of a lot harder to get to Barack... Good times...
Just a note...Hindu Temples are really weird... lots of freaky idols and loud annoying music with tons of flashing led lights and loud yelling. kinda stinky too...haha
So that's been my week! Lots of bug bites, plenty of hot days and lots of teaching about Jesus!

I love you all, keep me in your prayers, we all know I can use 'em!
Our "pet" lizard. We call him Sausage

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