Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference - Week 10

Another week has come and gone! I'm starting to realize that there really isn't a whole lot that I can report on each week unless something super exciting happens...
Last Monday after emailing and shopping and what-not, we went to the coolest members house and they taught us how to make roti and curry. Roti is just like a tortilla just thicker, you wrap it around the curry and it's really good! Before I left my mom made me curry and it was red and she put it on noodles. None of us knew how wrong she was. Curry is really just the name of the powder you put into the gravy is what they call it. It's really spicy and is still taking some time for me to get used to.
This week we were referred to a family of some members who are pretty interested in the gospel. Some of the kids even came to conference this last weekend!
Nothing too exciting here in Rosignol! I love the people and I love the work! I hope you are all taking the challenges we received this last conference, one of them being to pray for and act on missionary opportunities to share the gospel.
I love this church and I love you all!
Editors note: After reading the above, I wrote this to Hayden:   Hey, I want a better letter.  What is this new family like?  How did you meet them?  Go through every day of the week if you have to.  Like,  Monday we did this and this and this, Tuesday we did this and this and that, Wednesday we walked 20 miles but talked to no one, etc.  You are a really great story teller, give me something to read.   A short 2 minutes later I got this:

Monday we talked to the Persaud family and made Roti and Curry, we ate. Then we went and had FHE with sister Bickram. We watched the other side of heaven.

Tuesday, we had district meeting and spent most of the day in the Car with Elder Carter the senior guy and tried to get a police report for Elder Hodgkinson. Then we walked around the rest of the night and didn't accomplish much. Wednesday we talked to a lot of less actives trying to get people excited for conference and went to see this guy who is usually drunk when we go over so we got there early at like 2 in the afternoon and he was wasted. So we left and went to see some other people.

Wednesday we saw the family. I don't know what their last name is, I can't understand them when they say it, or hear it when they say it either. They have four kids who they want to get baptized and everyone lives with grandma and grandpa.We had a great lesson about the restoration and commited them to be baptized onthe 19th of this month. They all seemed pretty excited and wanted to come to church. So conference was kind of a let down for them, because they didn't understand the importance of it. but two of them came to one session which was way cool!

Thursday we went to see a few families who are not coming to church. Guyana has a sweet amount of members, but less than 1 percent of them come to church. Kind of sad... So we get a lot of less active lessons to get people back to church, which works sometimes. Then on Wednesday also, we taught a lesson to our recent convert Oksana about the temple. It made me miss it so bad. I already know that I want to be in the first session the morning after I get home. I miss it bad....
Then on Friday we only saw less actives to get people to conference, and the picture with like 8 people is the saturday morning session. pretty sad. Then we had a blackout and didn't get to watch  the saturday afternoon session so we just went and got some chinese food and told some more less actives about conference on sunday. Then we went and watched priesthood session at a members home until 10 and then passed out. I was exhausted. The on sunday we watched the first session, then the saturday afternoon session then the sunday afternoon session. That was brutal, right in a row, 6 hours of conference. Don't do that kids... Then we tried to go talk to some more people, but it was dark and no one wanted to listen to us. and I had a sweet headache and a killer sharp stomach ache. I have no idea what's up with my stomach. My mom thinks it's a virus of some kind, but I walked through a hospital last week to visit a member, and I think I would rather die than go to that hospital. It looks like a hospital that would be used in a zombie movie, a good zombie movie too, not the cheap stuff that you watch for a laugh. LIKE THE SCARY ONES YOU WATCH TO BE SCARED. Intense huh?
Hope that was a good enough read for you. I seriously typed that so fast. I'm so proud of myself.

Have a great day and week!
All my love,

Elder Dorrance

Watching Conference

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