Monday, November 2, 2015

"These Meatballs are Super Meat" -Elder Albis Week 92

Aden - The Bishop's rock god of a son  

Well this week was pretty righteous! We spent some time with our members this week really trying to work with them and help them to get excited about missionary work and had some cool success!  But i'll start with a  story...

On Monday we played a little basketball and ended up having Elder Albis roll his ankle pretty badly. He bruised it pretty bad and it was way swollen so on Tuesday he couldn't walk very much and so he toughed it out with me in the car all day and it was sweet! I sure love Elder Albis! He's seriously going to be an apostle, this kid really knows his stuff! He's from the Phillipines and so I get to learn a little bit of Tagalog which is fun! Our biggest success for the day was with a woman that Elder Parker and I contacted, we'll call her K. K is super cool with a Adventist background and has A TON of questions! Elder Albis and I were able to sit down with her intending to teach her about the restoration but Elder Albis felt inspired because of her questions about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon to read the testimony of the prophet at the front of the Book of Mormon. It was such a powerful lesson! She read the whole thing and each time we had her stop she would sit there quietly for a few moments re-reading it and answering our questions about it! It was so awesome! She agreed to baptism if she finds it to be true! The only problem is that she's a single mother going to school and working, so it will be hard to meet with her. But it was such a powerful experience!

On Wednesday we didn't have anything in the morning so we got to go do some finding and actually just walked right up to a house and started painting the house with this guy which was pretty fun! We did service for them for about two hours and set up another time to sit back down with him and his family which was cool! Then we had a fun day with a member who came teaching with us for a few hours but the best part was that night we had everything fall through and talked to the first person we saw who was a really nice woman who owns a nail salon in town. She used to be taught by missionaries in the past but was willing to have us come back to teach her and her husband and they have two young children! So a sweet young family! 

On Thursday I kept making jokes during weekly planning that Elder Parker would have a great time acheiving the goals we were setting with his next companion just kixing with him, but it was pretty funny, he didn't think it was as funny as I did... But we had a long afternoon of getting just hammered by the rain and that night as we were walking to an appointment we got called out to by a lady to go talk to her who told us that she is a member that lives in that area now! Super cool of her to talk to us, so we got her number and invited her to church, which she didn't come to, but we will visit her this week! 

On Friday we did a service project at a members house in the morning using an auger and drilling holes for a couple of fence posts which was fun! Elder Albis and I were able to work together again and we had a really nice lesson with a member family about prayer that night and talked to them about anyone they knew who would like to have a better relationship with God! It was cool to see one of the daughters commit herself to give us some names of her friends to take us by! It was a huge success! 

On Saturday we had a baptism down in the Point Fortin branch which went really nice and also got our transfer calls. I'm staying here in San Fernando and I was supposed to get a new missionary but because of visa complications the Elder who I was supposed to train can't get into the country. So I'm getting a temporary companion for this transfer from Central Trinidad who is preparing to go on a mission! So that should be pretty fun! Elder Parker is heading back to my first area in Rosignol, Guyana! So that is pretty sweet! I'll be writing some notes for him to send to some members down there! So that was pretty exciting! But the other cool part on Saturday was as ElderAlbis and I were still together walking out of an appointment a gentleman stopped us and introduced himself and told us about how he is a member from Nigeria who got baptized like 5 years ago and hasn't been to church in a long time. He has had some issues in the past with people and so we were able to have a kind of mini lesson with him about forgiveness and invited him to bear his testimony at fast and testimony meeting yesterday and he came! It was awesome! He bore a super powerful testimony!

Sunday was pretty cool!  We were able to meet a ton of really cool families contacting! Here the first and second of November are "all saints days". I think that's what it's called, but everyone is home and around! It was pretty cool to see all these families out and about! But we met a ton of super cool people!

I'm excited for this upcoming transfer, it should be a great one, I know I say that every transfer, but it really should be ;) haha Thanks for all the support! 

Bless up, one love.

Elder Dorrance

Baptism in Point Fortin

Recovering our keys from inside the locked gate of the Senior missionary couple's house

Sister Baker (Senior Missionary) fed us breakfast with REAL MILK (not common in the islands)

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