Monday, November 16, 2015

Crazy Week 94

Wearing a Hindu Sari

Tore my favorite bag - bummer

This week was pretty crazy for sure! 

a few highlights because I'm out of time...

We contacted a lot this week with not a ton of success but Wednesday night I was ready for bed just laying down and got a call from the sisters in a panic telling us to come over and that it was an emergency. So I freaked out and we all hustled over there just to find their pipe burst open and water spewing everywhere! Haha it was pretty funny because of how worried we all were for what happened to the sisters...

We did two service projects on Friday and I've been sore ever since. We moved a ton of dirt for some members and it was just the two of us. Brother Ramesar shoveling and I pushed the wheel barrow up this little hill, it was rough. 

We also were contacting on Saturday and found a big empty parking lot and it was just a big Remote control Car track with these two grown men talking smack to each other and racing like a couple of kids. They were just living my dreams.

But Sunday was really great. We didn't have any investigators at church again, but we spent most of the evening finding and found a bunch of really sweet people to go back and see this week so we should hopefully have some more solid appointments this upcoming week!

Thanks for all the emails everyone! Love you all! 

Bless up!

Elder Dorrance

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