Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It was Sweet! Week 91

This week was pretty crazy-ish. We did a lot of finding because we don't have many people to teach and we were only able to find a couple so that was kind of a bummer...
On Tuesday we had an awesome district meeting talking about courage and the story of David and Goliath! It was sweet. Today was a lot of contacting and almost getting robbed. Kind of a scary story and I'll have to tell you about it in a few months but it was pretty intense to us, probably not to anyone who hears the story.

On Wednesday we did some more finding for a few hours and met not a single interested soul but we did get to see a less active family and had a sweet lesson about not falling away and paying attention to the "temptations by degrees" reading from Alma 47! It was a sweet family! We also were able to see another less active family who committed themselves to church and reading their scriptures! It was pretty sweet to see the spirit really help this family feel the spirit again from their own conversion like 20 years ago!

On Thursday we had some okay lessons with some recent converts and an investigator who isn't showing much interest. It's kind of how this whole time in Sando has been. Finding lots of cool people at first and then they just kind of choke themselves out by just not committing to anything. But our weekly coordination meeting was held at our ward mission leaders house which was sweet! He made us ribs and we had a super effective meeting. He gave us some families that we can focus on this week to help to be reactivated! It was sweet! 

On Friday we were introduced to a members friend in the evening, they have been friends for a long time and we had a super sweet lesson with them about the Plan of Salvation! They are very sincere and it was sweet to get to see this members real desire to share the gospel with his friend! We also had everything fall through at night and so we went finding a little bit around some apartment buildings and the first people we talked to were super cool! We were able to have a little lesson with them about the restoration and we got to answer a ton of questions that they had, it was seriously a miracle this week to see!

On Saturday we contacted this family who had SO many questions, we basically just talked with them for a long time answering questions the whole time, it was ridiculous! haha but we did have a good lesson with a member and her daughter and a member from Venezuala who was baptized like 8 months ago! He is super cool and we got to learn a ton about Venezuela and about his conversion! It was super sweet! 

On Sunday we had a pretty low turnout for church and met a way cool family walking around at night having everything cancelled on us again, way cool to see! But they seem super interested and really desire to learn more! It was sweet! 

We spent a lot of time walking this week and got nice and TAN;)

Thanks for everything! 

Bless up!
Elder Dorrance

With Elder Albis eating doubles

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