Friday, November 13, 2015

Pointe a Pierre Wildfowl Trust - Week 93

Mormons helping hands Trinidad day of service. Pointe a Pierre Wildfowl Trust

This week was pretty exciting!

On Tuesday we had a combined district meeting and lunch as a zone, even though only Elder Parker and Elder Albis were leaving. But we had some decent lessons and had our whole night fall through. We found ourselves walking around at night on all saints day. All saints day is kind of like our memorial day, except it's not just for soldiers, its for everyone. But we found two super sweet families just out on their porch with candles all around in remembrance of their loved ones. So it was just a prime opportunity to share the message of the restoration with people helping them to know how they can be with their families forever.

On Wednesday we had some plans in the morning and had them all fall through and went finding again to get back to the apartment to meet up with Elder Prestera and Brother Ramesar, our new missionaries in San Fernando! Brother Ramesar is my new companion from Chaguanas Trinidad. He's just a temporary missionary for these 6 weeks but he is just a hoot! He's always got a joke to tell and it's really amazing because he's only been a member for a little over a year! We also got 2 more sisters in the ward and they cut our area in half to include them so we had to spend the rest of the day showing them to different members in their area but it's really cool to see the work in Trinidad, especially south, just exploding having 8 missionaries in the ward here in San Fernando!

On Thursday we had weekly planning and we had to drive the other elders to a baptismal interview for one of the sisters investigators(ish). She has been coming to church for like 15 years now since she was like 3 or 4 but never had permission to get baptized. So Thursday was her 18 birthday and she had stuck through it all these years and was interviewed and passed with flying colors! We also had an exceptional lesson with a family we met while contacting on All Saint's Day who were curious about eternal families. It was an awesome lesson about the plan of Salvation with them and it really struck home with them! 

On Friday we went finding in the morning and were fasting for President Egbert because he had to have surgery on his eye while he was in the Dominican Republic. But we had an awesome lesson after a day of finding with a member family about testimonies and bearing their testimonies to those around them and being a light unto others! 

We were able to go to the baptism on Saturday morning and it was even cooler to have her uncle, the stake president, come down South to baptize her. It was an awesome service and because she's been in the church for over ten years everyone knows her and it was a huge turnout to witness this special ordinance. We also got to go spend a day at a non-profit wild fowl trust cleaning and spending a day of service as a ward! It was a ton of fun spending time with the ward and cleaning up the trust! It was a super beautiful place! We also had another sweet lesson with a family we contacted recently about the Restoration and they really understood it and committed to baptism! It was sweet!

On Sunday we had church and a LONG ward council and had the rest of the day completely cancel on us. We spent some time contacting and met a few semi-interested people but that night we tried to check some other investigators and we were able to push this truck up a hill in TORRENTIAL rain. This truck couldn't get up because the road  was too slick so we got to help him up the hill! It was pretty fun! 

This week was rough, but I'm excited to be here with Brother Ramesar and to be staying here in South Zone. I love San Fernando and I love this chance I get to serve the Lord here in Trinidad. I know this church is true and I will tell anyone that wants to hear it! Thanks for all the emails and love! 

Have a great week!
With love and blessings,

Elder Dorrance

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