Monday, November 23, 2015

Last Zone Conference! Week 95

Waiting to get the toenail cut out.

So this week was pretty hectic... A whole lot went on.

On Monday night we had a cool lesson with a woman named Girly who we found while looking through our area book, she seemed pretty interested, but it will take a bit to help her understand the importance of the Book of Mormon.

On Tuesday we got a phone call to go and give a blessing to a members brother at a medical clinic in San Fernando which was pretty rough. He was pretty physically disabled and looked like he was having a hard time. He had a ton of family all around him so that was really nice. Then we had a nice lesson with a recent convert about faith and exercising our faith because she hasn't been to church in a while. It was a nice lesson and I thought she got the point, except for when she didn't come to church again... haha it's always frustrating when people have their own agency and don't want to do what you feel that the spirit is telling them to do! 

On Wednesday we had our zone conference up at the mission home! It was pretty great! It was all about ward councils and working with our auxiliary leaders and how we help them to know their responsibilities. I was also able to give a departing testimony that all missionaries give at their last zone conference. It was hard, but it was good to be able to testify of the lessons I've learned as I've served the Lord over these last 2 years! But by the time we got home after interviews and what not it was about 8:30 and we had to go give a blessing to a sister missionary who was sick so that was basically the day.

On Thursday we had our weekly planning and had some lunch, then Elder Naylor and I headed over to the medical clinic down here in San Fernando to go and have surgery on my ingrown toenail. Finally I had it removed permanently! It was not the best experience of my life, but I got some pretty strong anesthetics so I didn't feel a thing! (If you want more pictures of my toe you just have to ask) But that put me out the rest of the day in some of the worst pain of my entire life... It was pretty bad... 

Friday I sat on my bum all day babying my toe.

On Saturday, there's the emergency trip to the medical center again because my foot was pretty swollen, but the only doctor there was a gynecologist.. Yeah... So He looked at my toe and told me it wasn't infected and sent me on my merry way to spend the rest of the night on my bum just twiddling my thumbs again...

I did get to go to church on Sunday which was nice but after church I got a call from some sister missionaries informing me that because they couldn't get their car out of their driveway because the power was out and their gate wouldn't open, they decided to climb fence and one of them tried to step on one of the spikes and stabbed through her shoe into her foot. So I got a phone call that they needed some rubbing alcohol to be able to clean this other wound. So yeah, our week was a little bit ridiculous. But I am doing well all bandaged up on my toe and walking around today! 

Hope everyone has an awesome turkey day this upcoming week! I sure know what I'm thankful for and love sharing it with the good people here in Trinidad! 

With love, and blessings

Elder Dorrance  

Trinidad South Zone Conference

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