Monday, October 12, 2015


Well this week was a huge success in finding new people to teach! 

On Tuesday I was able to go on a trade-off with Elder Albis but it was funny because while they were going to do language study we were going to go finding for a bit but we got a call from the manager of all the buildings in Trinidad asking us to go to the church and open it up for some guys dropping off some chairs that he ordered which was kind of silly because that's not really our responsibility... haha But Elder Albis and I found some super sweet people that are very interested! It was a day full of answered prayers for sure!

On Wednesday we were able to have a great day out in Princes town visiting a bunch of members out there. Unfortunately,  we also got a phone call the night before telling us that the first counselor in the Stake President was murdered in his driveway. It was a pretty huge shock to everyone in the church and country here in Trinidad. He worked for the water company. It was sad to see but we got a couple phone calls on Wednesday telling us more about it from members and what not. But the funniest thing that happened on Wednesday was a lesson at night. We saw a lady who is a friend of a member and just talks our ears off. She doesn't even really let us teach her! Haha

On Thursday we had a zone meeting in the morning which was good and it all went well and then I was able to go and do a baptismal interview for a wonderful lady from the Dominican Republic who speaks little to no english. I was able to have Elder Uri translate for me and it was just a sweet experience! The gift of tongues is real! HAha But we just had to hang out at the church until like 8 o'clock because we were waiting our turn for interviews with the mission president.

Then on Saturday we had two baptisms which was sweet! we had one down in Point Fortin in the Morning and then another one for Sister Isabel who is the spanish lady up in San Fernando! It was so cool to see Elder Uri be able to translate everyones testimonies and was even able to do the baptismal prayer in spanish! It was so cool to see! 

Sunday we were able to have a bunch of less actives come out to church which was super cool! There is also a member of the church who spoke spanish on his mission and was able to confirm Sister Isabel on Sunday in spanish as well! Just a great weekend to be a missionary for sure!

Sorry this email is so spotty, but I'm out of time! Love you all! Adios!

Bless up!

Elder Dorrance

These huge speakers are actually attached to the the bike

Apparently Deacons are the same all over the world

A little gift from home

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