Monday, October 19, 2015

Plenty Going On! Week 90

Canadian Thanksgiving Feast

After the Glutony

This week was pretty normal! It was one of the most normal in a while! 

On Monday we got to go to the senior couple's house and have Canadian Thanksgiving! They're the only Canadians in South Trinidad! It was very sweet of them and it was amazing home cooked food to be had! 

On Tuesday I got to go on a tradeoff with an elder named Elder Hunsaker who is from Idaho! It's his second transfer so it was a little different getting to be with a newer missionary for the day! It was a ton of fun though! we had a sweet lesson with our investigator Stacey who has a baptismal date! It was pretty sweet! But we spent a ton of time driving because we had to drive all the way down to Point Fortin to trade with the Elders.

On Wednesday we had to drive back to point in the morning to trade back and then came home to have some seriously sketchy chow mein that Elder Parker and I tried to make, it was like chow mein noodles, frozen vegetables and chopped up hamburger patties... haha it was a disaster, but we ate it all and headed out to another day of a ton of driving! like loads and loads of driving! We picked up some members and headed out to Princes town which is pretty far and had some super cool lessons with some members out there! But the coolest lesson for the night was with a sweet member family who is related to the member that just got shot last week and had a super powerful plan of salvation lesson with them and they just wanted to share it with everyone! They just started handing out names of people to go see! It was sweet! 

Thursday was a struggle for sure, we only got to see like two people, but our lesson we had at night was so powerful! We were teaching a recent convert and her husband about the Restoration. He has been taught plenty in the past so he was asking about the martyrdom of Joseph Smith and what not. Because of our trip we took a few years ago to Nauvoo I was able to testify of the spirit felt inside of Carthage jail! It was such an amazing experience to get to testify of the Prophet Joseph Smith!  Awesome lesson! 

I found out earlier in the week from some other missionaries that a member I got pretty close to in Sangre Grande was coming down South for a few days to do some work and on Friday I was able to visit him for a few minutes and it was so good to see him! Brother Samaroo is his name! It was sweet! But we had another lesson with an older member lady who was reactivated this last week about the restoration and she asked for a Book of Mormon to give to her friend! It was sweet!

Brother Samaroo

On Saturday we had everything fall through in the morning and so we thought to go and see a less active member that I haven't seen since one of my first weeks here a few months ago and she invited us right in and sat down to chat with us and invited her son's friend in for a lesson with us! It was way cool and we got a solid return appointment with the family for Wednesday! Then the other cool thing that happened was we went to contact one of the referrals from the family we got on Wednesday and when we headed over there things had happened where we went and had to leave and come back so when we came back he was there and said that he had just gotten home and that he never gets home so early! It was a huge miracle and he accepted a baptismal date right there! It was a huge success! 

Sunday was another day full of struggle. We had almost everything fall through and found ourselves just trying to talk to anyone we could. But we were able to have a sweet lesson with a family of members, but the dad isn't a member. We talked about obedience and used the story of Daniel in the Lions den and talked about how it's not always easy to be obedient. The dad loved it and we had a very cool experience getting to visit with them! 

All in all it was a great week! We had a ton of cool people to teach and were able to really see some progress on some and a need to stop teaching on others...

thanks for everything!

Love always, Elder Dorrance

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