Friday, May 29, 2015

Trinidad! Week 69

Goodbye Barbados district 

This week has been crazy amounts of work and so much fun!

On Tuesday we had a combined district meeting in the morning. I taught about using our time wisely and making sure that the time we have been given from the Lord is being used productively and well. I think it went alright and I had gotten some hi-chews in a package that I was able to use as incentive for participation which was even better! Then the whole zone went to lunch at urban kitchen which is always amazing! Then we had a lesson with Kim in the evening about coming to church which she said she would try her best to come the next week. We were also able to teach Juanne it was short because we had to run some errands switching cars and stuff, so we didn't have all the time that we wish we could have. Then we ended the night at Deidre's talking to her a little more about her baptism coming up and what she needed to do to prepare!

I'm going to have to make this one short due to time, but on Wednesday I woke up early and flew to Trinidad to meet the beautiful, wonderful Elder Shariatmadari! This kid is a riot and we are seriously having the best of time and just working our tails off. 

On Thursday we weekly planned and were able to have like 5 lessons! It was sweet to see so much happening here in Sangre Grande, Trinidad! 

On Friday we spent time in the morning cleaning the church and had some sweet lessons in the evening with a member named Samantha and her friend! It was way cool to see Member missionary work! It's like my favorite thing! Then we also had game night that night with a little lesson before hand, and here they get almost 30 people coming out to game night which is super sweet! 

On Saturday we had two service projects in the morning, we sprayed some weed killer for the first one and painted some stairs for the second one, it was sweet! There's also a member here who is amazing! He loves coming out with us and working HARD! He's a great teacher and loves to be bold with people! it is sweet! He's great to help us fellowship people here in the Ward!

On Sunday Church was good. They have a ward here instead of a small branch so it was weird to have to call someone Bishop again. It's been so long since I have been in a ward that calling someone president rather than bishop is normal... but after church we had to wait for a good chunk of time to take the sacrament to some people. But we were fed by some members which was really good! Then we had some cool lessons with a recent convert and a little bit of a drop lesson with an investigator who wasn't really progressing...

All in all it was a great week! Elder Shariatmadari is really big on working out in the morning and eating really healthy so i'm looking forward to losing some pounds here in the beautiful land of Trinidad! 

Thanks for everything and hope you all have a great week!

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