Monday, May 18, 2015

Big News and lots of service! Week 68

So this last week we did a lot of missionary work and also a lot of manual labor! We were asked a few times to work in people's yards helping them clean up and such! It was great! 

On Tuesday we had an alright district meeting. I taught about Faith, Diligence, and Obedience. Three of the Christ-Like Attributes that President Mehr has asked us to focus on as a mission. It went well I believe and then we were able to go on an interesting shadow with the sisters out in St. Phillip. We taught a few people that they had found in their area book who had been taught long ago and had a few return appointments. So the people we talked to were definitely cool enough to get into the area book and will hopefully be real great investigators someday. They were pretty interesting lessons. One woman was insistent that Moses was the only Prophet and didn't really believe in Jesus Christ, which is sad, but cool to see how faith in Jesus Christ could really bless her life! Later that night we were able to go and talk with Lyn and her daughter Jalia about Jalia getting baptized and taught them about the restoration and the priesthood authority, which went very well!

On Wednesday we woke up and headed straight to Sister Edwards to help her at her shop again. We built a shelf that she could put in her bedroom so she could store her clothes and things and get them out of the way. It turned out okay, nothing too crazy, we for sure aren't master carpenters. Then we were able to go contacting for a little bit and met a few people who didn't really want to talk to us, but one guy in particular was pretty cool. He is a male seamstress (A Seamster?) and makes lots of couches and stuff. But he talked to us for a while about his beliefs which were many, He is a cool guy, just a little hesitant about the Book of Mormon but we will still see! We had some great lessons that night with Juanne about Prayer and what she read in the Book of Mormon and also Deidre about the Temple and family history work! It is so cool to talk to people about the temple in the Caribbean because it is such a sacrifice to get to the temple from here. It is so cool to see people desiring to make covenants with God!

On Thursday we weekly planned and had almost everything fall through except a great lesson with Lyn in the evening about the Plan of Salvation and an older woman named Sister Armstrong who has been sick the last few months and hasn't been able to make it out to church! It was great to get to check up on her and talk about the scriptures with her! But most of our day was spent with contacting and didn't result in too much, but got a pretty nice tan out of it!:)

On Friday we headed up to St. George to teach a few contacts about the Book of Mormon which went exceptionally well! They committed to read it and when we saw them later in the week they both had! So that was super cool to see! Then we went and helped Deidre again in her garden, we moved a bunch of dirt so that she could start laying the foundation for her new sheep pen! Then we were able to read a little of the Book of Mormon with Juanne in 2 Nephi 31 and 32 and her mother made us some coocoo. Which is fried yellow cornmeal and something like green peppers in it. It has the consistency of Mashed Potatoes and is served with Saltfish and has saltfish gravy all over it. It was definitely a different meal. haha But it was a  good day!

On Saturday we had some time in the afternoon after studies and lunch to go and do some sweet finding and met a couple of older ladies that said they would try to make it out to church and didn't seem to make it for some reason. And then we spent the rest of the evening cutting grass at a recent converts house who has had like 3 strokes so I was able to put my lawn cutting skills to good use and used a trimmer for the first time in a long time and whacked down some huge grass! Haha it was definitely a good time using those skills I've gained cutting grass for so long (Thanks Dad) Then we had our last few appointments cancel on us for the night, so we were able to go and follow up on another contact. But the big news is that I will be heading to Trinidad this upcoming Wednesday and will be serving with Elder Shariatmadari who I served around in St. Vincent! I'm stoked to head to Trinidad! I've only heard great things about it!

On Sunday we had regular church but the cool thing was that Deidre came out again and this time even brought her mom because I was leaving. It was way cool to see her there! Then we had some lunch and went finding for a bit and headed up to St. George to have a bunch of lessons fall through and to see the Sampsons who are just the sweetest and like grandparents to me! It was hard to say goodbye to them! But they are just the best and will definitely be missed!

It was a roller coaster of a week with lots and lots of hard work but it was very rewarding! I am sad to leave Elder Moli and Barbados but I'm excited for the adventures ahead! I love this gospel and hope that you all have an amazing week! 

With Love, Elder Dorrance

Deidre, Elder Moli

Sister Edwards


Brother and Sister Sampson

CooCoo (Cornmeal and some Barbados plant like green pepper)

Elder Smith in front, Elder Moli and Elder Egbert in back

Chicken Barn is the best place to eat in Barbados! (Me, Smith, Moli, Egbert)

Got a box from Nana.  She shows her love with food, apparently she loves me a whole lot! 

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