Monday, May 4, 2015

YAAY For Baptisms! Week 66

It was a wondeful week here in the beautiful land of Barbados!

On Monday night we taught Lyn with Brother Phagu and his wife. Just kind of working out some little things about her testimony before her baptism, making sure that she really understood things, but it was really great to see the impact of the members in Lyn's life and how big of an effect they had on her getting to church and other activities! It really strengthened my testimony of member missionary work!

On Tuesday Barbados had a national holiday called heoes day and so the entire district came together and had a sort of olympics. Where we spent a good chunk of the day just competing in sports and having a great time! There was cricket and soccer and a little rugby. It was super fun! Later that night we had a sweet lesson with Deidre about the gospel of Jesus Christ and got her really excited all over again to get baptized and about setting a date for the 31st of May!

On Wednesday Elder Moli and I attended a general womens meeting for district meeting. Because the Zone Leaders went to Trinidad a long with the Sister Training Leader so her companion was with some of the sisters in our district, so at district meeting was Elder Moli, Me, the senior couple and 7 sisters. It was good though... They all got a good laugh out of singing "As Sisters in Zion" haha. After the womens meeting we went and did some service for a sister in the branch named sister Edwards who is from Guyana and needed some help fixing up the little shack that she sells things out of. So we helped her throw some galvonized steel on it and nailed some stuff together. Elder Moli worked some construction at home so he knew what he was doing. I definitely learned some stuff though! Later that night we talked to Lyn a little more about baptism and taught Juanne the Plan of Salvation which really answered some questions she had which was cool!

On Thursday I had another appointment in the morning with the pediotrist and then waited for 3 hours at the airport for the zone Leaders to get back from Trinidad. But we went and helped Deidre in her garden and then taught her later that night a little more about the gospel.

Friday was a bummer. WE had too much fall through and just resorted to contacting old contacts and trying to talk to anybody which didn't turn out well. But we did go home teaching a member named Brother Mayers which was pretty interesting, nothing out of the ordinary.

Saturday morning we met up with the Zone Leaders so that they could interview Lyn for baptism so after we showed them to her house one of them interviewed her which took a while but she passed! She was so excited! Then we headed home to start our fast and then had every appointment fall through on us, but we had to spend a few trips back and forth to the church to set things up for the baptism. We taught a woman named Marisa which went really well and then went back to the church to fill the font and hunt down some baptismal clothes that would fit her! haha but by the time the font got filled it was almost 9 o'clock at night so we busted it home.

Sunday morning was pretty stressful, for me at least, we got an investigator, Deidre to come to church but she was in need of a ride home and the only members that lived out that way told us that all of their vehicles were full, so I was pretty stressed about that and that we had a baptism that we were trying to get ready. So I was just a mess. BUT Deidre got home and the baptism went off without a hitch! Seeing Lyn get baptized has been one of the biggest testimony builders of member missionary work I have had yet on my mission! It was so cool to see how little we were used for other than teaching a little bit. It was great to see! 

But it was a fantastic week! The pictures of my toes are gruesome I know, but they are so much better than they were! People keep asking me how they are doing and the only thing I can say back is "I can kick you and now it would hurt you more than it would hurt me"

I love you all and hope you have a great week and happy Mother's Day!!

Much love,

Elder Dorrance

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