Monday, June 1, 2015

Another great week for missionary work! Week 70

This week flew by but we had tons of fun and worked way hard to talk to anyone that we could this week!

On Monday night we had an amazing FHE with one of our Less active families, the Samaroos. It went really well and everyone had a great time!

On Tuesday we had district meeting in the morning and Elder Shariatmadari taught about the role of the Book of Mormon in conversion! It was way sweet! Then after lunch we headed to the DMV to that I could start working on getting my drivers license, not that I will be driving, but just in case because it is easier to get before your first 90 days in the country. But we had to drive all the way to the mission office to get my passport which took forever and then by the time we got all the way back to the DMV it was closed for the day. So it was like a whole day wasted. But we did get to see this sweet lady named Anna who is very sincere and really wants to change! We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and having more scripture really made sense to her. We were also able to talk to a member lady about the fast this upcoming Sunday which was really cool too!

On Wednesday we had a service project in the morning at the Bishop's house moving some dirt and digging a couple holes for him to put a fence in. Then we headed home to eat lunch and back to the DMV just to get it over with. By the time we got that done we were able to go and visit the Samaroo's and talk to them about fasting also! We've been invited by the mission president to fast with our members this upcoming Sunday and it is going super well! We have a bunch of families that we are fasting with us so it should be really good! We had another sweet lesson with another family that night also about fasting! So we should have a whole lot of fasting experience this Sunday.

On Thursday we weekly planned in the morning and then had Elder Christensen, one of the Assistants to the President come out with us for the day. We had some awesome lessons and almost none of them fell through! We also that night had an awesome big group meeting with a bunch of people that are way out in an area that doesn't get very much missionary work, but there are a lot of members out there, so we held a big group meeting and watch a little video clip about sacrifice and it went super well! We got a huge turnout with a ton of members and few investigators! So that was sweet! We also were able to go and see a cool guy named Arthur that night and had a lesson about the Plan of Salvation with him which went really well! 

On Friday we had a ton of our appointments fall through and had some cool times trying to find some of the less-active ysa (young single adults) which didn't go very well. But we had big success in the night time. We had game night which was super great with tons of people there! 

On Saturday we had another bummer day with lots fall through, but we had a great lesson with a woman named Cindy who apparently fell off the map for a while but we were finally able to get into contact with her and talked to her about contracts in Alma 7:15 and her desire to be baptized. It was a sweet lesson and really strengthened my testimony of seeing people that have been prepared to receive the gospel being put into our paths, or back into.

On Sunday we had great church with an amazing Ward Council after. We had a agenda drawn up for the council and it really helped to keep things moving along and the time short, so that was really great! We were able to have an amazing lesson with a woman who is completely deaf. She just recently came back from living in Virginia and is so prepared to receive the gospel! Her whole family are members and it is so cool to try to teach when all they can do is read a little and read our lips. It really requires the spirit and is a great test of patience. It was a great lesson and she is very sincere in wanting to be baptized and learn more about Jesus Christ.

This morning we went out to Arima to go hike some caves. It was pretty dang cool! It was just a small gap straight into this mountain and we all got real hot and dirty, but it was way cool. There were bats flying all over the place. It was just a good time!

It was a great week and I'm loving my time here in the Sangre Grande ward!

I hope you all have a great week!

With Love, Elder Dorrance

Hayden, Elder Christensen (AP), Elder Shariatmadari

Elder Harding

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