Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mothers Day! - Week 67

New Apartment in Barbados

This week was definitely an excellent one!

On Tuesday we had a zone meeting out in Black Rock which is out on the western side of the island, After lunch we had to drive out to the western part of the island in St. Phillip to do a baptismal interview for the sisters investigator named Tijani who is way cool and just understands everything super well! It is such a testimony builder to me to see young men of 15 and 16 that I believe truly understand the commitment that they are making when they are baptized! It is so cool to see! Later that night we were able to have Brother Phagu take us to see some young men that he knows and has brought to church the last two weeks. They are way cool and will be sweet young men in the branch! Then Brother Phagu also went with us to see out investigator named Deidre who is just doing amazing! She reads and prays and comes to church, even though she has to make some sacrifices to get there! I love to see someone who just truly desires to change her life and be better.

On Wednesday we did some service for this older member named sister Edwards. We played carpenters and built some shelves out of pieces of wood we got from broken pulled apart pallets. It looks a little ghetto but it is sturdy with the nails we put in it! It was good though, she really appreciates it and loves to tell us so. But that took a lot longer than it should have so after that we were able to eat some lunch and go see a member named Jalisa who had us go contacting with her in an area to try and find some new investigators which. The funniest part was that we actually contacted into a member and I asked Jalisa how she knew the lady and she said from church.  It didn't even cross my mind she meant our church. I thought she meant her old church, so for like 5 minutes I thought we were talking to a random lady but it turns out her name is sister Harris and she is a member of the church that hasn't missed a week in like 10 years. so I felt a little silly... That night we were able to go and see Lyn and her daughter and talk to them about Jalia, Lyn's daughter getting baptized. It was also Lyn's birthday! So we made her a cake and took it to her which she really appreciated!

 On Thursday we woke up and drove to the airport to pick up the assistants to drive them to the drivers permit place to get them legal to drive. It took forever. After which we were able to drive back to our apartment to do some weekly planning. Then the Assistants called us again to go on some splits. So I was able to go with Elder Hatch to try and see some people and we had an adventure for sure! We went and tried to see a guy named Cali who was an investigator of Elder Woodruff's and Elder Ort's. When we finally found him, one of their other investigators a young kid named NIko came and talked to us about coming to visit him and his grandmother and wanted to show us where he lived, We followed him walking for like 5 minutes which was funny because there were all these other kids that were walking with us trying to talk to us, and when we finally got to his house his grandma wasn't home so we waited for a second and the neighbor came home and started talking to us about how the world was created from darkness. First there was darkness, then there was fire, then there was lava, and as the lava cooled it crusted making earth and the vapor from the lava cooling caused rain for centuries which Noah thought was the flood he was prophesying about.  She meant well and wanted to talk about beliefs but it was just an all around interesting conversation. Then we went back and found Cali at his house and started to share a scripture with him about prayer and in the middle of our lesson he got up to sell some drugs. So that was alright I guess. But we had a sweet and very powerful lesson about the blessings that come from communicating with God! Then we went and saw Lyn and talked to Jalia a little more about baptism and trying to help her understand the need for baptism.

On Friday we had our studies in the morning which was sweet and then went and met with a woman named Alecia who we had contacted earlier and taught her about the Book of Mormon. Then we went finding for a bit until about 4 when Deidre asked us to come and help her in her garden again. We were breaking up some ground so that she would be able to lay a foundation for the chicken pen that she was going to build. It was fun and hard work but it sure gave my baby soft hands some sweet blisters, which I haven't had in a while, I sure miss manual labor! Then we went back to Deidre later that night and taught her about the Law of Chastity and in the middle of the lesson Brother Phagu and his family and his wife's seminary class all showed up to teach with us. I think Deidre was a little intimidated by everyone but it turned out to be really good to have other people there to help us testify of what we were teaching! My testimony of member missionary work has grown so tremendously since I have been here in Barbados it is ridiculous! It is so great to see members working so hard to help build the kingdom here!

On Saturday morning we were able to wake up and run the assistants back to the airport to get off to St. Vincent then headed to the baptism of Tijani which was just wonderful to see! He's such a great example of faith and obedience to the commandments of God! It was sweet to see his conversion and see him progress and accept the gospel! After that we went finding for a few hours until we were asked by another member to swing by their house and chop some grass down that was like 3 feet high and all that we had to cut it was two dull, rusty cutlasses. So it was slow work and hopefully we will get better tools and more people out next time we go by! And then that night we had to rush home so that Elder Moli could shower and look fresh for his skype with his family. He had to do it Saturday night because Tonga is 17 hours ahead. 

Sunday morning we woke up and did a little studying and headed off to church. Church was exceptional! We had so many people turn out that I had not seen before or not seen in a while which was super cool! I was told that it's just because it's mother's day but I really just loved seeing so many people come out to church. We even had 6 investigators come and 3 more showed up right after sacrament meeting ended which was so cool to see! It was just a great church experience as a whole! Especially to see Lyn get confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost! It was sweet! We were able to see some young men that Brother Phagu had brought to church that morning! They were super excited to learn more about the Book of Mormon and get one of their own! Once again it is sweet to see young men so excited about the gospel! 

I have such a testimony of families! It was so great to see my family and to get to talk to them for a time. I am so happy to be sealed to them eternally and know that this is a message of love and families that I share! I love this gospel, I love my mother, and I love my savior Jesus Christ!

I hope you have a great week and can't wait to hear from you soon!
With Love, 

Elder Dorrance

Helping in Deidre's Garden

Pizza with hot dogs, minced meat, green peppers, red peppers, pineapple and spicy ketchup for sauce

Elder Moli

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