Monday, June 2, 2014

Do or Do Not - There is No Try - Week 18

Not a terrible week, it went by pretty fast though!

On Wednesday we just taught some good lessons, we have a couple of great investigators including the Cho family! Who is way cool, but it's kind of hard to see if they have real interest! Hopefully they will be able to see us tomorrow to give them a baptismal date!

On Thursday we spent most of the day talking to people about church and going house contacting, something I have never really done much of so it was nice to learn how to do that with Elder Sherren. Also, I hit my four month mark which was kind of weird, but I still feel kind of young. Earlier in the week Elder Sherren hit his 15 month mark, which doesn't help me feel any better about being so young, but everyone has to go through being young to get old! haha.

Then on Friday we had a pretty good day until about 5 when we had to travel over the river to see someone in Canje who Elder Sherren had to interview for baptism. Which wasn't so bad, but we just barely caught the very last bus back over the bridge which was leaving at like 8 o'clock. So that was kind of scary. Then on Saturday it was an alright day of just seeing more people... Nothing too exciting...

On Saturday it was pretty much the same thing, we saw some great less active families who keep telling us they are coming back to church but never do, so that's kind of frustrating. I like to do this thing when they tell me they will try to come to church. When they say they will try, I hold out my pen and tell them to try and take my pen. When they take my pen I tell them to give it back and try to take it, don't actually take it, try to take it. haha, it is always good for a laugh.

Then yesterday President Mehr came to church with us in Rosignol and it was great to have him bear his testimony. Then we had a little time with him and the branch presidency talking about things with the branch! It was nice to have him back us up and encourage the members to do missionary work. Then we had the rest of the afternoon to go and teach a few investigators, but sadly a lot fell through yesterday...

Funny story, usually it's nice to start a fast at like noon on Saturday and finish right after church on Sunday. But we forgot until Saturday night and then decided to just eat a big breakfast on Sunday. So all day Sunday we didn't eat until this morning, Which wasn't terrible, but it was nice to be able to participate in the fast.

I love the work and I love you all! I hope everyone is doing well! Have a fantastic week! I know I will!

Love, Elder Dorrance

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