Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Such a great week! Week 17

So this has been such an amazing week!

On Tuesday we had a good Zone meeting and then I was able to go on a trade off with Elder Felix, the St. Lucian who is like 4 foot 11. He's a stud and a spiritual giant! I love him to death. We saw some cool people and met a new family who I hope is able to hear our message and really feel it's power!

Then on Wednesday we traded back companions. Elder Sherren and I were able to pick up our packages and go see some great less active families to end the night. Then we headed home. We both just happened to get packages on the same day! We both had candy and goodies all over the place, so we decided to live it up a little and when we finished planning we ate hi-chews, beef jerky and played skip-bo until it was time to hit the sack! It was a great night!

Then on Thursday Elder Sherren had to interview someone in Canje so I was able to go on another trade-off with Elder Westra who came and spent the day and night with me. He is an awesome missionary who has been out now for about 16 months. He's a great missionary and really knows how to teach people! I loved being with him for a few days and getting to learn from him! 

On Friday, we traded back and were able to go with the branch president of Bushlot Branch to visit a little girl who reminds me so much of Sydney. She got baptized on Friday as well! She is only 8 but the family wanted us the missionaries to teach her. She had her older brother Leon baptize her, he is leaving to the England Leeds mission in like 2 week. She's awesome and is really happy to have joined her family by being baptized! She also was joined by Brian who is 11 and was also so excited to be baptized! 

On Saturday we had two extremely successful baptisms and a great day all around.

On Sunday I went to Rosignol and Elder Sherren went to Bushlot so that we could go and support both people being confirmed which was so awesome. I had the awesome privilege to confirm Brian a member! I am really loving this area and the people here, everyone is amazing and so nice to me! I absolutely love it here.

Yesterday, Monday, was Guyana Independence day so they moved P-day to today because literally everything was shut down. So we had district meeting which was great and then went out seeing people. We had a great FHE with the Ramdiholl family who is less active but really wants to change. I can just see it and I have a firm testimony that this gospel blesses families! So awesome!

Today we headed over the bridge again to play some cricket with the zone! Which was super fun, but kind of hard except for Elder Felix who grew up playing it. I had never even heard of it... haha! Then they wanted to play soccer, but I had to sit that one out because of another ingrown toenail. but it was great to get out there and wear my wonderful worn-out vans again and to wear shorts! I love shorts! 

It was a fantastic week here in Rosignol. I can't believe I hit 4 months in just a couple days. Elder Sherren hits his 15 month mark today, which is a long time away, but I am loving my time here!

Hope everyone is doing great! I love you tons and can't wait to hear from you! Have a great week!

Elder Dorrance

This bird is alive, we caught it because it had string wrapped around its feet.

Package from home: Hi-chews and new Moab t-shirt

New companion - Elder Sherren


Silly Putty makes me silly.

me, Brian, Leon, ?, Elder Sherren

Coconut from a member's back yard.

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