Tuesday, June 17, 2014

54 People at Church! - Week 20

This week was pretty out of the ordinary but wonderful all the same!

On Tuesday we had district meeting as usual but it was taught by the Zone Leaders and it was a lot about what they learned from their leadership council meeting they had in Trinidad the week before. They reminded us of a few rules and implemented a few more! It was really great! I love district meeting, it helps me remember that there are some awesome young men out here serving the Lord! But after District meeting I was able to head back to Rosignol with one of our Zone Leaders for a trade-off. I went with Elder Hendry from Canada. He's an awesome missionary and we had a lot of fun working in Rosignol together and he gave me a few things to work on too! It was great!

Then on Wednesday I got Elder Sherren and we headed out in the afternoon to go see some people especially the Bajnauth family who yelled at us to bless their daughter! They're doing great and reading everything we leave with them! They didn't make it to church, but hopefully we can help them get there this Sunday!

On Thursday I went on another trade-off with and elder named Elder Brown, he's actually from Woods Cross, and I'm sure I have seen him play football before. This guy is a stud and I loved going out teaching with him. One of our recent converts actually has her daughter living with her now who seems really interested that me and Elder Brown got to start teaching! It was a great day! It is crazy to think that I have to go to a different continent to meet people that live like 10 minutes from me! haha.

Then on Friday I went on another trade off with an elder named Elder Chapman from Rexburg Idaho. He is great! He is actually planning on going to BYU- Idaho after his mission which is like a stones throw away from his house so if I go there I could see him! But we went to go follow up on a referrel from the same recent convert who's daughter is interested and found that the person we found has the same name but isn't the person we were looking for. But they invited us in and we taught them a great lesson! They seem pretty interested and should hopefully be great investigators!

On Saturday we traded back and had a regular day of a few let-downs, kinda cruddy, but it was better on Sunday! There was an upside though! We got a phone call telling us if we were staying or going and we are both staying in Rosignol for at least another transfer! which I'm super happy about! I love the people here so much! and we hope to have a lot of success this transfer! 

On Sunday we had church which was great! We had 54 people there! That's like 20 more than the last few weeks! So that was great and then we went and met up with a family who had their relatives pass away a few weeks ago, so we went to a funeral and had some amazing food! The rest of the day was great also! We went and met with the Narine family who has a son, Leon leaving on his mission this upcoming Wednesday to Leeds England. He's a great guy who is going to do amazing things on his mission! Ahh I love him bad!

So all in all it was a pretty successful week! I'm loving the work couldn't think of anywhere I would rather be!
I love you all and hope you're having a great summer!

Love, Elder Dorrance
Picture of the missed family trip to Moab (We missed him a ton)

Alligator Wallet (Sending some of these home to the family soon)

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