Monday, June 23, 2014

*Cough* *Cough* - Week 21

This week was going great.... Until...

On Tuesday Elder Sherren invited me to help him teach district meeting which was way cool! But before district meeting even started there was some Elders who had to leave because they were getting transferred. Then we were able to head out and teach some great lessons for the day.

On Wednesday we had a lesson with a brother named Charleston Skeet, he and his wife are expecting their first child before the end of this month. He seems pretty excited about the gospel and finds it pretty interesting I think... So we were able to set a baptismal date with him, it was really amazing to see him make a goal for himself to be baptized. We plan on setting a similar date with his wife this week. Then we also met with a young couple named the Dyal's. They are super cool but live extremely far off the main road, and how everything works in Berbice is that everything lives off of just one road through the whole country. So when going to this lesson at the Dyal's we headed down this road in the evening light, and when we finished an amazing lesson it was pitch black. Luckily Sister Dyal gave an awesome closing prayer and asked for us to have safe travels home! Which we did! I was a little worried, but we made it home great! We got to the main road and caught a bus home almost instantly! It was amazing!

Then on Thursday... Oh Thursday, this is where the Until comes in... On Thursday we had our regular studies and weekly planning in the morning then we traveled into town to get some lunch, well we had planned after lunch to go to a branch Elder's Quorum activity. While we were at lunch we ran into our Elder's Quorum President buying some food for the activity, well we decided to finish our meal and they would probably end up giving us more food at the activity! Well let's just say the food we ate at the activity probably wasn't cooked all the way because about an hour or two later both Elder Sherren and myself felt terrible! We couldn't even walk it was so awful! haha, so we called it a night and headed home hoping that we would be able to sleep it off that night.

Well onto Friday.... We didn't sleep it off.

We spent all of Friday inside completely bored and miserable. It was the worst I have felt on my mission. But decided that Friday night would help us sleep it off that time.

It didn't

Saturday definitely wasn't as bad, but it was still bad, so we called the mission doctor and he told Elder Sherren to get some medicine. (Elder Sherren got it quite a bit worse than I did...) So we had to go to the pharmacy which was over the bridge which took all day to do. 

Sunday was definitely a wonderful step up! We woke up with some crazy loads of rain! We were all ready for church and waiting for a little break so we could get to the church without getting soaked, but the break never came. So we basically sprinted all the way to church. Even though we ran we still got wet, I think I heard somewhere you actually get more wet by running through rain than by walking, but we ran so we got wet. At church because of the rain there was like 5 people there at 9 but by the end we had close to 20 which was really nice! After Church we headed home to grab some lunch and then back out again! Good news, the buckets of rain had stopped, but the bad news was that we had no power, the power actually cut out at like 10, halfway through church. But we ate some bread and cold cheese then went to go see the Bajnauth family, who a couple of them have baptismal dates for next Saturday! Hopefully they will be able to be prepared for that! But they have a ton of kids living in that house, so when I went to get my scriptures, I put my camera on the table and they flipped out wanting to take pictures! So we took a lot.... 

Now up to this point the power was still out, so we were having a cool firelight lesson with the bajnauth's, but when that got over we caught another bus the village where the Narine's live. We were able to sit in the dark with them for a bit and share something! While we were sitting with them I noticed that it was getting pretty close to when we were supposed to leave, so we headed back out to the main road to try and catch a ride back home. But let me tell you, trying to catch a ride home late at night with no street lights is no easy task that's for sure... So after waiting for over an hour the street lights popped back on and we caught a car just a few minutes later, pretty lucky!

So that was my crazy, boring week! Hope you all had a wonderful/magnificent week and hope everyone is doing amazing!

I love you all!

Stay safe!
Elder Dorrance

This is only a small part of all the pictures these kids took.  So fun! "one more, one more!"

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