Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Long, Long, Busy Week 22

Go Viewmont Lacrosse!

This week was pretty great! a lot of stuff going on but things are going very well!

On Tuesday we headed to District meeting and then back to the apartment to study, after that we had some great lessons around Rosignol.

On Wednesday we had a full day of work, we went out and taught all day long, but the best lesson we had that day was with the Dyal's, we taught them about the BOM and kind of touched on some of the Resoration and they both got really excited I think. They love their Bible so whenever they can read something, they eat it up! That went extremely well for them!

On Thursday the Elders in New Amsterdam needed Elder Sherren to interview someone for baptism so we headed over the bridge to go on a trade off. I was able to bring elder Woodruff back to Rosignol with me. He's a cool guy! We went around for most of the day telling people about a meeting we were having the next day with the area 70, Elder Gamiette.(an Area Seventy is LDS church leadership assigned to a local area) But we also taught Brother Skeet which went really well! He is excited about baptism and especially about the thought of being able to baptize his own wife, he thought that was super cool!

On Friday we Headed to New Amsterdam to trade back and then back to Rosignol to go and tell a few more people about the meeting at five. At about 5:15 the meeting started and no one we told was there. It was us and the branch presidency and the Elders Quorum president. Kind of sad, but it was really a great lesson about getting our youth and seminary kids back to church and seminary! should be really good! Also on Friday night the Elders in Rose Hall told us about an interview they needed to have for a baptism the next day, which is kind of frowned upon, but we figured out that we could do it Saturday morning.

So Saturday rolls around and we get a call early that one of the Elders in New Amsterdam got really sick and couldn't leave the apartment, so we headed over there super early to let one of the Elders and Elder Sherren go to the baptism while me and the sick elder stayed at the apartment till they got back. Then me and Elder Sherren got lunch and caught another cab to Rose Hall to do a baptismal interview like an hour before the actual baptism. After all that traveling, we caught another bus back over the bridge to get back to our area to finally see some of our own investigators, pretty crazy day...

Then yesterday, we headed to church which had much better attendance than last week which was really really great! Then we headed out with a Sister from over the bridge to see some of the seminary teachers and talk about what Elder Gamiette talked about in his lesson, which was really great, I hope that seminary gets started back up here, I know seminary played a big role in my life growing up and going through high school...

Well that's kind of my week which was insane... haha just another week I guess!

I love you all and hope everyone is doing well! Love ya!

Elder Dorrance

p.s. Happy fourth of July! Hope everyone loves America and gives her the respect she deserves!

Elder Sherren

Berbice River

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