Monday, May 19, 2014

B-E-A-utiful - Week 16

Well this has been a great week! We worked hard and had some success from it!

On Tuesday we had a great District meeting and then went to go and teach for the day. Our first lesson scheduled was with Sister Babita and her son Bryan. Both of them have been taught before and are ready to be baptised but they weren't baptized because Babita isn't married and Bryan was only 8 when the missionaries were teaching him. Now he's 11 and should be getting baptized this upcoming Saturday! 

Then on Wednesday we went about business as usual and met with a less active family who hasn't been to church for some time! Their name is the Ganpats. They have been baptized for a long time now, but he sure likes his rum! haha. He's a good guy and loves telling us he's a member of the church when he's wasted. But when he's sober, he loves coming to church and listening to us read scriptures to him. He can't read or write but loves the gospel. Hopefully he will stop working on Sundays and come to church this week!

On Thursday we had to go to a village called Rose Hall and have Elder Sherren do a baptismal interview for a young lady who was baptized last Saturday. That took all day long. We only taught like 3 lessons, but it was good to meet some people outside of our area and help someone on their way to baptism.

On Friday we taught plenty lessons and had a great day getting Elder Sherren used to the area. We had a lot of walking to do on Friday. That's where we stumbled on that B-E-A-utiful sunset!

On Saturday we had a less productive day because so many things fell through, which was tough especially because Elder Sherren can't give any input on where we should go because he doesn't know anyone in this country yet... haha. But we were able to contact some people and we always find meaningful things to fill our time! 

On Sunday we went to church and had some interesting lessons as usual. I love Guyanese people, they understand the basic doctrine, but love to add a little of their own in with it. It doesn't make it false, but it is hard to help people understand opinions vs. doctrine. I love church here though! haha. Then we went with the branch president to his friends wedding to meet with some people and get fed. a lot. and then we went and had another great lesson right after that. and got fed. a lot. haha. I was feeling a little full and ready to take a nap for a bit after all of the spicy chicken and rice. haha so good!

All in all it was a very successfull week here in Rosignol! Hope all is well at home! I love you all! Stay safe and sober! and remember,

Live your life a quarter mile at a time.
(-Vin Diesel)
Love always,

Elder Dorrance

Too bad 1000 dollars in Guyana is only worth about $5 in the US.

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