Monday, April 28, 2014

Hot nights, Toe Nails and a lot of sitting around - Week 13

So this week was not terrible, but it was definitely bad, numbers wise.

On Wednesday we were going to try and get my ingrown toe nail cut out but realized that we wouldn't have a ride home, except in a mini bus which would have been extremely painful. So we did a trade off Wednesday and I spent the night in Canje. Which was nice to get a change of scenery and get to know our district leader a little better. But Elder Hodgkinson and a next missionary got home and found no power. The bill had not been paid because there was a senior couple who lived in the apartment before us and they paid their own bill. 

So on Thursday we went with Elder Carter, the senior couple, to see Dr. Ganesh. a really nice guy with a sketchy office and operating room. But he just gave me some pills to go pick up so that he could operate on Friday. So we went to get the pills and headed back home to find that our power was still out and were told that it would be on by Friday.

So after two nights of little to no sleep because of the heat we headed to Dr. Ganesh to get the operation I needed pretty bad. He cut the side of my toe nail out after numbing it and cleaning it. To numb it he gave me a shot and asked if I could feel him pinching me. I said yes, a little bit. So he started chopping at my nail. When I repeatedly said ow, that still hurts, he gave me a next shot. After about 15 minutes of him just hacking away, he said he was done. We went over to his desk (which is in the same room) and he told me that he gave me two shots because sometimes the first one works and sometimes it doesn't. It didn't this time. haha. So we spent the rest of Friday sitting around. and when we got home we still had no power. We found out that we would not be getting it until Monday because the power company isn't open on weekends. 

Then on Saturday we literally spent the entire day sweating with no power in our house, and laying around and me taking some pain pills that didn't do much. 

But yesterday, Sunday, we were called by a member of the mission presidency that we needed to attend the Rosignol branch because of some false scandal about the branch president that wasn't true. So I wore my slippers to church because I couldn't get my toe into a shoe yet. haha, but we actually spent the rest of the day with President Goodluck who is an awesome guy and super fun to be around. When we got back home we found that we still had no power. 

So all in all, it was a pretty successful week sorta. I am wearing shoes today, and feeling really good!

I hope everyone is doing well. I love you all and want you to know that I know that this is the one and true church on this earth today.

Have a great day and week!

Much love,

Elder Dorrance

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