Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Monday Week 12

This has been a very good, slow, long, frustrating, good week! haha
Tuesday we were very greatly blessed with air conditioning finally! haha and had some regular lessons, nothing too special.
Then on Wednesday we went to an investigator that we felt we had dropped but decided to instead go the route of having daily contact with him. We went over and told him how we will be calling, or going to his house at least once a day! So it seems to be working because he came to church on Sunday!
Nothing happened on Thursday except disappointment, a lot of our lesson plans fell through for the day, so we were left to street contacting which, for some reason, didn't want to work for us either on that day... So it was a long day of trying our best to share the gospel but to not much avail.
On Friday we were able to go and see a less active man about sending a letter to his missionary that baptized him. He can't read or write, so we had to do it all for him, but I'm hoping that getting this letter back from his missionary will spark something in him to get back to church with us. I even tied all like 7 of his ties for him, so he has no excuse except work. Which he told us he would take off.... But we still talk to him and share a scripture with the family when we are over there, unless he's wasted. haha
Saturday was another day of not a whole lot happening, same as Sunday. But Monday was the best Easter I have ever had in Guyana. haha
Here in Guyana they celebrate Easter on Monday and it is spent with not working, drinking, loud Caribbean music, and FLYING KITES. We have a recent convert who lives at the back of Rosignol who invited us over for some food and to watch the Easter Monday unfold. Her husband made us some awesome BBQ chicken and french fries. Most American meal I've eaten since getting here. Then we played with their puppies a bit and then she took us around introducing us to some of her neighbors who were out looking at the beautiful kites. It was an incredibly successful Easter.
Then because of Easter we moved P-day to Tuesday because all of the shops would be closed. So we are on today!
It's been a fantastic week here in Guyana and am excited for many more to come!
I wish everyone a happy Easter, even though it is passed!
Have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Dorrance

The last hair cut wasn't quite short enough.  "now I look like Dad"
Eight dogs!

Kite flying instead of an Easter egg hunt

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