Friday, August 21, 2015

Goodbye Sange Grande, Hello San Fernando! Week 81

Elder Little - San Fernando, Trinidad

So this week was pretty crazy, that's for sure! Had a lot of goodbyes to say and a couple days straight of just being lost in this new massive area! But it's definitely been an adventure! 

On Tuesday we had Zone meeting in Grande which was nice to have the whole zone out for the last meeting together before the transfer, but directly after the meeting all of the new trainers were supposed to have a meeting with the president and all of their new trainees and we had it set up to do it at a members house. The member told us that he would be home for sure, but he wasn't... So of course because I was the only one who knew the whole Grande ward everyone was looking to me to try and find a new place to have this skype meeting and there was no other members around so we all just headed to this public internet cafe hoping that it would be at least a little bit private. 12 missionaries crammed into this little cafe and at about 12:45 got it working and found out that it was over... So that was a bummer for the trainers but we did see the Suepaul's in town and they bought us lunch so that was super cool of them! We tried to go and say goodbye to a few people and then had to leave to drive Elder Hopkins to the airport so that he could catch his flight to Tobago and then it took us over an hour and a half to get home because of some political rally in Grande. But we did get home in time for Brother Samaroo to have a doubles eating competition with us and the Sisters which was super fun! I ate like 7 and I thought I was going to die...

On Wednesday morning we went and said goodbye to Brother Bisnath and then the long day of driving began. We drove about 45 minutes to Valsayn to wait around for a few hours just hanging out with missionaries until we could leave to show the new sisters in our zone how to get to their apartment because they are blanking.(blanking = Working in a new area where there wasn't missionaries before) But it turns out that Elder Little never had the chance to get his driver's license yet on his mission and this is his last transfer so there is no use getting it now, so that means that I am the driver of this sweet 2014 Corolla. We left the office at about 2:30 and followed some other zone leaders to Couva so that some sisters could trade cars, which they ended up not doing, and then drove all the way down to San Fernando to drop off Elder Naylor and pick up elder Albis to take elder Albis and Elder Ahanonu to Point Fortin which is literally the tip of Trinidad and because of traffic that took us about two hours so when we finally got to Point Fortin it was like 6 o'clock and we had been driving all day long so we took a breather and sat for like 10 minutes and got back in the car to drive back to Sando and get home by like almost 8:30. It was a long day for sure!

On Thursday we did our studies. A tradition they have here is before weekly planning starts they walk down to this bakery and buy some pastries. It was a change of pace from the usual Thursday morning 4 hours of studying and planning. But we had a sweet lesson with a woman who is going to get baptized the first week in September named Marjorie and her granddaughter Jasie-Ann! They are super cool and super understanding! it's so nice to be able to teach so many nice, teachable people! We had a super funny lesson with an investigator and we were able to take the Ward mission leader Brother Simmons with us! He's a pretty old guy, but dresses like he's 25 and he's just hilarious! Best Ward Mission Leader I have seen in my life though! We were teaching and the investigator mentioned how a few months ago she got really depressed and started drinking and smoking and Brother Simmons said "I used to smoke four packs of cigarettes a day and I have drinken enough of that (points at empty beer bottle) to float a ship!" It was classic!

On Friday we had a funeral in the morning for a recent convert's father who was supposed to get baptized two saturdays ago but went to the hospital the day before and  passed away the following Monday. The whole ward was pretty shaken up about it. It was a really nice service and then we went to this place called the Creek and there they do cremations, but they build huts out of wood and put the casket and body inside and light it on fire. It is pretty crazy and big traditional thing here in Trinidad. But it was pretty crazy and hopefully we are able help some people strengthen their testimonies on the plan of Salvation! But we had some sweet lessons later in the evening, one especially with this cool active member family named the Basdeo's! We read an article out of the Liahona with them and talked about how it applied to them! Super cool family!

On Saturday we did a ton of finding to get our investigator pool up. So we met a bunch of people and spent a lot of time in the hot sun! But we saw Marjorie and Jasie-Ann again which went super well and were able to go and visit them again! But we saw this member family in the evening and their tradition is whenever a new missionary comes over they have to sing a solo for the whole family... Elder Little knew, but failed to mention it to me before hand, so yeah... That was interesting and awkward to get to sing a hymn in front of this family I don't know... But they are super cool! They've been sealed in the Salt Lake City temple and when they went they stayed with some friends who live in Kaysville, so that was really cool to get to chat with them for a bit!

Sunday was amazing! Church here in Sando is run so well it hurts! There was immediate fellowship for our investigators and everyone was super nice! The bishop here is amazing and really loves to work hard! But we had a sweet lesson with a cool member family named the Bings! It's kind of my goal these first couple weeks to just meet as many people as I can, with over a hundred people coming to sacrament meeting each week it will definately take some work! haha

It was a great week and I'm excited to be here in Sando to kill Elder Little on his last transfer! We should have some really cool success these next few weeks and I'm excited to keep pressing forward!

Love and Blessings,

Elder Dorrance

Thanks to Sister Samaroo in Grande for the following pictures and for the awesome tacos:(my camera batteries has died so there may not be many pictures for awhile)

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