Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Craziness in Port of Spain! Week 78

This week was pretty great! But as usual, I have to start from the top.

On Tuesday we were able to go on a trade-off with the Zone Leaders and Elder Grimm came to our area with me! We had an interesting lesson with Anna, she was kind of out of it for some reason, so we didn't get much of a response from her. But it was a good lesson and helped us to see where her desires are! Later that night we were able to see the family of a missionary who just recently left on his mission who are all not members and they accepted baptismal dates! They are just like him, quiet and super humble! They seem super cool and are enjoying the message of the restored gospel! One more sweet lesson we had was with a different Anna she hasn't been to church in a number of years and we talked to her about the atonement and she just started telling us about how she misses the way she felt when she was doing all that she knew she was supposed to be doing. It was a very powerful lesson and I think she really enjoyed it! 

On Wednesday morning Elder Grimm and I were able to shadow the sisters which went super well! We set another baptismal date with a guy named Peter who seems super cool!  The rest of our day was actually pretty dunky, we had most of our lessons fall through and the ones we did have weren't too effective for one reason or another. Either there was a distraction of some kind, or they just weren't very interested. It was sad.

On Thursday we walked. We have this area that is pretty far out there with a bunch of pretty strong members, but the only problem is that we were able to go for a nice, long, ten mile walk. It was super far and it was close to the end of the week so we didn't really have much money to take a taxi, so we walked! But we saw all of the members on our way out that we wanted to see so it was a super productive day! But when we got back into Grande to teach Ricky we were supposed to go get doubles with him but he told us he was too tired so we went home and were getting ready for bed when he called and told us to open the door and when we opened it he was just standing there with two drinks and a bag of doubles. haha it was super funny! 

Trinidad Doubles - Fried flat bread and Curried Chick peas with pepper sauce - My favorite

On Friday there was some kind of national criminals day in Port of Spain where three guys broke out of jail and the police station was attacked and the hospital was taken hostage... So we were told that we had to go inside at like 6 at night which was pretty crazy. Everyone in Grande was freaking out even though this event happened on the other side of the island... But we were able to have some dinner and write some letters so that was good! 

On Saturday we had some sweet lessons with some new people we contacted in the morning which was way cool! They seem to really enjoy the message and one guy we met in particular who actually helped to build the church. He was part of the contracting team that built it like 19 years ago... Later that night because it was cancelled on Friday we had a make shift game night with a bunch of neighborhood guys and shared a spiritual thought and played some football! 

Sunday was good, regular church other than the fact that we helped Ricky all week to prepare his portion of the lesson and totally pansied out on us! So he told the teacher he couldn't teach because he wasn't prepared and so the teacher called on me to do a spur of the moment discourse. It was pretty annoying and I couldn't even ask someone else to do it because the teacher had already sat down... It was a bummer. But the rest of the day was good! Great lunch at the Suepauls and had brother Suepaul show us to this sweet part member family close to his house who seem super super ready to come back! 

It was a great week with tons of success! I know I say it all the time, but we're looking forward to another great week.

Not excited to go home or anything but I think I have like 26 p-days left...:)

Plenty time.

Much love,

Elder Dorrance

Elder Peterson

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