Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Exceptional Week - Week 76

Elder Peterson

Well this week was pretty exceptional and was completely topped off today by what we had for lunch...

On Tuesday we spent almost the entire day moving. Moving stuff from the other elders' apartment into ours and buying appliances and what not, it was completely ridiculous. But that night we were able to throw together a little pizza party for Ricky! He turned 20! And we were able to bring over a few pizzas and have some fun! It was way sweet, especially being able to finally be in our own place! haha not mentioning that we have spent the last 3 weeks on the floor it is definitely a plus...

Wednesday was pretty sweet. We met a lady in the morning who, while trying to invite her to read the tract, kept trying to bring up how the picture in the Book of Mormon of Joseph Smith is really cute and where he is now... It was pretty awkward when we had to let her know that he had passed away about 200 years ago... But we were able to take Ricky out with us later in the day to go and see a family of a missionary who just recently left last week! It was cool to get to talk to them about what their son is sharing with the world and how it can bless them in their lives! Then that night we got to ride out to a pretty distant part of our area to show the sisters to a relief society sister that they wanted to visit. It was pretty funny because of how far out in the jungle they live. It was funny to see the expressions on the sisters faces. haha

Thursday morning was sweet too! We were able to have the new mission president and his wife come to our zone meeting!  They are super excited and energetic and ready to get to work! I was able to have a great interview with President Egbert and we just talked for a bit and he was able to get to know me a little bit. He's a good guy and he keeps telling us about ideas he has and is excited to start trying for! 

Friday was pretty sweet! I was able to have one of our zone leaders come on a trade off with me here in Grande and it was Elder Parker from back in the MTC days! It was lots of fun to get to catch up with him and get to teach with him! That night we had a sweet turn out at game night too! Elder Peterson was able to get the basketball hoop set up sometime during the week too so we were able to ball it up hardcore with some brethren. Tons of fun! haha

Saturday was a little interesting... we traded back in the morning and had some lunch and headed out to have all of our appointments fall through on us and so we headed over to the church to set up for our movie night that we have been planning for a few weeks. We set up some chairs and the projector and borrowed the senior couples air popper! It was set up to be a huge success! We started the movie (Meet the Mormons) and started passing out the popcorn and about halfway through we started having people just walk out and leave... We even had one ten year old kid come up and talk to E. Peterson and I about how he thought we were going to watch a horror movie or and action and how much this movie sucked... It was pretty sad, but I enjoyed the movie... haha But probably the funniest part of the night was having one of the adolescent pre-teens trying to pull the moves on one of the sister missionaries in the Ward. It was super funny to watch him crash and burn. 

Sunday was pretty average... we had a pretty good attendance at church and it was especially good because we were able to have the Stake President there! He announced a change in the Sunday meeting schedule telling us that all Sunday school classes would be combined into one gospel principles class and that all priesthood classes would meet together and the same for relief society. it was pretty interesting, but I think it will be a good change up for the ward... haha

But this is the moment you have all been waiting for. We went into Port of Spain this morning to play a little flag football with another zone which was pretty fun, but what made it so exceptional was the fact that we were able to grab a BIG MAC on the way out of town! I was so happy to finally break my streak of no McDonalds. It was amazing. Haha it was a great little taste of America...

But it was a pretty great week! We are finally situated in our area so things should really be picking up this week!

Thanks so much for all the emails! Love you all tons!

Stay #Chard !

One Love, 

Elder Dorrance

Yay! McDonalds

Moving Day 

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