Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Still no Cooking Gas - Week 77

So from the subject you could expect that 1. We have no cooking gas and 2. we are out of milk, cereal, and bread because  that is all tha we have been living off of for the last two weeks... But we're still kicking! So that's a plus!

Haha but Monday night actually started the week off pretty frustrating, We had our appointment for the night cancel on us and when we got to our other appointment something happened with my bike to the point where the back gear got shoved out of whack so that it was literally in the bike spoke. It was ridiculous and that literally took up our entire night. Pretty ridiculous!

But Tuesday was much better! I had a great district meeting(I was told) about purifying ourselves from things that drive the spirit away! It was pretty good! Then because we have no gas and were tired of sandwiches we took food to the sisters apartment and sat and ate it outside while they cooked it for us. It was very nice of them haha. But later that night we were able to go have a lesson with a less active woman in the ward and just shared a message with her and set up to have her whole family around to have family home evening later in the week! 

Wednesday we did some sweet dirt moving in the morning as a service project and had an awesome lesson on the Sabbath with Anna after lunch! The spirit was so strong! It was one of the first times on my mission that someone had been in tears. I think she really understood why she needed to come to church and how we show our devotion to God on the Sabbath, But the key word there was THINK. She didn't end up coming which was a bummer... But a huge success for the day was going to see the Samaroo's! Sister samaroo is a recent convert and brother Samaroo is a recent reactivation and he is really having a hard time with smoking. So this last fast in June we fasted with them to help Steve stop smoking. Steve told us that when he watched Meet the Mormons last week at the movie night that it had him in tears and inspired him to be better and he has been smoke free for almost 2 weeks now! He says it was because we all fasted together that he is getting the strength to resist! It was super cool!

On Thursday we ate a ton of bread for lunch because that is all we had... and met this sweet family named the Salazar's! They live up by a really strong family and all seem pretty interested in the message! We are going back to see them early this week! But they seem way cool! A super funny story from Thursday was when we were waiting for a taxi and there was a drunk guy on the ground across the street laying against a street light and he called us over and after a second we went over so we weren't rude and he stuck out his hand as if he wanted help up, well of course thinking that this guy was just a little drunk just pulled him up thinking that he would at least put a little effort into getting himself on his feet. Nope. I literally pulled him straight up and over himself so that he could fall straight on his face in the middle of the road... haha I felt pretty bad, but at the same time I didn't because it was 2 in the afternoon and this guy didn't even know his left hand from his right hand he was so drunk... But after we got him back on his back on the ground there was some people around that were laughing and just told us to leave him there... So that was pretty funny...

Friday was kind of a bummer day. The highlight of the day was probably game night! We had a good turnout and since we have the basketball hoop up a bunch of kids got in playing some ball which was pretty fun. And the sweetest part was Sister Paul making a backwards half court shot in a game of horse when she can't make a shot from two feet away. It was sweet!

On Saturday we spent most of the morning looking for a gas tank to cook with, but to no avail, it turns out that everyone that cooks in Grande just got their tanks as a birthright when they were born because no one seems to sell them. Ridiculous. But we contacted the coolest guy! His name is Gregory and he is so sick! He loves the idea of the Book of Mormon and is willing to give it a try! He's sick! 

On Sunday we had a less than productive Ward Council again, everyone seems to get off track too easily, but that's okay. We had a sweet lesson with some recent converts about the Atonement. They are so willing to learn and are always asking questions! It's super sweet! 

It was a good week over all but hopefully we will be able to find some sweet new people this week!

Love you all have a great week!

Much Love, Elder Dorrance

Elder Peterson PB & J for dinner again.  

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