Monday, June 8, 2015

Loads of Member Work! Week 71

Elder Woodruff (Barbados)


This week was exceptional for member missionary work here in the Sangre Grande Ward in the beautiful land of Trinidad! 

On Tuesday we had a great district meeting by Elder Shariatmadari about companionship unity and why we need to be unified and related it to how radio antennas must be in tune in order to pick up the channel of the spirit clearly! It was sweet! Then we were able to take a member named Brother Bisnath out with us the entire day! It was so cool! We taught a super cool woman named Anna about the Book of Moromon! She loves it and is super excited to learn more! We also had a sweet lesson with a guy named Barry and his wife Sandra! They are super cool and have been searching for the truth and accepted the 11th of July to be baptized! It was super cool! 

On Wednesday we spent a good chunk of the morning at the DMV so that I could take my test to get my Drivers license and I passed but their card printing machine was down so we had to go back on Friday too.  But we had a sweet lesson with the Samaroo family about fasting with them on fast Sunday which went really well because we were able to fast with them for a purpose that they came up with! 

On Thursday we helped run a race in the morning by passing out water which was sweet and then weekly planned and had a great lesson with a woman named Narasha who is mostly deaf! It was great to testify to her of the Book of Mormon using little words. It is great to feel the spirit so strong! 

On Friday we had to go back to the DMV to get my license paid for and printed which took a few hours and then after lunch we had a great lesson watching some animated Book of Mormon videos with some kids who had read it in the Book of Mormon and we watched it with them! It was sweet to be able to help them understand them in cartoon form and still pull the doctrine out of the stories! It was great!

On Saturday we went and did some service for one of the families that we are fasting with, we moved a bunch of dirt for her from her front yard to her back yard and then she fed us some sweet shepherds pie to help us start our fast. It was sweet! Then we had a super successful group meeting with a bunch of members who live out in the bushy part of Grande so they don't get out to church too much so we go out and help bring them the spirit as much as possible, but we do it once a week and it was super sweet to have them all grouped together!

On Sunday we had a great testimony meeting and got fed twice after church!

It was a great week with not a single lesson without members! I know I skipped a bunch of stuff but I am out of time! Sorry!

Love you tons! Have a great week!

Elder Dorrance

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