Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Staying in Grande! Week 73

Me and Elder Shariatmadari picking Sappodillas.  He thinks they taste like maple syrup, I just think they are real sweet and real tasty.  Yum!

So this week was pretty average I would have to say... but I'll try my best to spice it up...

On Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting in Arima and afterwards, in his loving kindness, Elder Shariatmadari bought all four of us lunch at Popeye's! So that was nice of him and afterward we were able to go and pick up a member named Brother Bisnath who spent a good chunk of the evening with us! We were able to see a really cool lady named Anna and talk to her a little more about baptism, showing her scriptures and things which she really enjoyed. We also had a great lesson with Nirasha,  a really cool (mostly) deaf young woman who really loves church and learning about the church! 

On Wednesday we were able to do some service in the morning moving bricks for a member from her backyard to her front yard and it was only elder S and myself, so it took a us a little bit especially trying to stack them on the uneven ground that was wet and muddy. It was a lot like playing tetris. But later that evening we were able to talk to Ricky, one of our most progressing investigators with a baptismal date for July the 4th about the Sabbath Day. We listened to a talk from Dallin H. Oaks about how the Sabbath is a delight and really just made it plain to him about how we should act and what we should do on the Sabbath day! He really loved it and took it well! 

On Thursday we headed out to a pretty distant part of our area called Matura where there used to be an actual LDS church group with a bunch of members and we were able to make some individual visits to a couple of the families. We found one part member family where the father isn't a member and talked to him about why he was never baptized and we were able to have a great discussion with him about the priesthood and how there is only one power on this earth that you can be baptized by and only one church who holds this priesthood power. It went really well!

On Friday we were able to do service at the bishops house moving some dirt that he got dropped there out of his gutter so that water could run through it, the only problem is that it was free dirt, so it was really cruddy dirt and we had really cruddy tools. So it was long, difficult work, with about 2 or 3 tools breaking a long the way. But we spent the morning there and actually went on a trade-off. I went with Elder Hopkins with him in his area. We had a lot of stuff fall through, even some of the meetings we were supposed to have at the church, but we were able to do some great contacting and meet some cool  new people for them to teach! We did meet a really cool family who is progressing really well! It was cool to work with Elder Hopkins, but I enjoy working in my own area! 

On Saturday morning we went and did some more service at Bishops house, just finishing up the job we had started. and found out that morning the Elder Shariatmadari will be heading to Guyana on Wednesday and I will be serving with Elder Petersen here in Grande! I'm excited  to stay, but sad to see Elder Shariatmadari leave. he's a good friend and we had a ton of fun together! But later that night because of his leaving we were able to go over to a members house and invite some other members over to have a fun pizza party! It was super fun with loads of pizza!

Sunday morning it rained a ton! And so it was kind of a poor turn out to church, but we were able to go to a members house after for lunch to celebrate a cool young man who is leaving on Thursday for his mission in Pennsylvania! He's a good guy and will do great things! Then we went home and studied for a bit and headed to the Blackburn family's house to get fed some interesting IGUANA and YAMS. It was different, but it sure was tasty. Just delicious meat and iguana gravy poured all over these mashed  yams. We were also able to watch a video with a recent convert in our area about Fathers and their responsibility which went super well! 

All in all it was a great week! With lots of sweet success coming up soon! I'm excited to meet Elder Petersen!

I hope everyone had an awesome Father's day!

Shout out to my father, #1 Father that I've ever had.

One Love,

Elder Dorrance

Me, Elder Haderlie, Elder Shariatmadari, Elder Hopkins

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