Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not Homeless Anymore! Week 52

Alright so we are now on week 2 of my time here in the wonderful land of Barbados, and I absolutely love it!

This last week was another crazy one because for most of it we were still homeless and living at other missionary's apartments.So there were a few days out of the week that it was just hard to get into our area which is a little bit of a drive from where we were living.

On Tuesday we had a great district meeting about setting goals taught by Elder Woodruff, and then all four of the missionaries went up to our area in the St. George parrish and spent a whole lot of time just bare contacting. It was really great to get to see a bunch of people and talk to them. Elder Barlow and I are basically opening a new area and so for the next few weeks we will be spending most of our time just trying to find new people to teach and increasing our investigator pool.

Wednesday we had an activity at the branch marking scriptures for investigator kits and then a meeting with the branch president. This took a really really really long time so we weren't even able to get up into our area at all but we did see some cool people in the other Elders' area and had a fireside/meeting with Elder Gamiette who is over the Young Single Adult group and Institute for the Caribbean, so he gave us some ideas that he has to get the YSA back up and running which was really cool.

On Thursday we had our weekly planning session and spent the rest of the day in the other elders' area teaching and contacting. But there was some Zone Leader stuff that they had to do and a meeting pretty far away from them at the branch presidents house, so that took up a good chunk of the day.

Friday, Elder Barlow and I were able to spend our first day actually working together as companions which was pretty fun! He is hysterical and I am excited to work with him. We had some great return appointments with some previous contacts and were able to find some sweet new people! So Friday was a whole lot of just straight missionary work all day long! haha

On Saturday we had a baptism in the morning and spent most of the rest of the afternoon finally moving into our new apartment. But we had some awesome lessons in the evening and some sweet contacts.

On Sunday we had great church and studies and things and nothing super exciting happening Sunday...

This morning we were able to go to a primary school though and do this puppet show for these school kids about not doing drugs and drinking alcohol, it was like a less funded DARE program. We got to be the puppets it was a whole lot of fun!

So where I am emailing, here at the library, we have to get someone to put in a password to hook up a USB. I asked the lady like 20 minutes ago and she still hasn't come and I am out of time so I am sorry for the lack of pictures, but will hopefully do better next week!

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Keep it real!

All my love,

Elder Dorrance

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