Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Barbados - Week 51

I've landed here in the beautiful country of Barbados! I've only been here a few days but I can tell that I am absolutely going to love it!

On Tuesday we had a great zone meeting in Kingstown, St Vincent. We spent the rest of the day visiting some of the members and I would send pictures if I could, but I can't... It's really slow to load them, and hour isn't enough... haha

But Wednesday morning we headed to a members house to say goodbye and then to the airport. It was hard to leave, but I'm excited to be here for sure! One funny thing is that when we got in on Wednesday a couple flights from Canada and America got in and so the entire check in place was PACKED with tourists, it was completely strange to hear so many American accents all over the place! haha But we got in and I met my new companion and one of the Zone Leaders. My companion is named Elder Barlow from Central California and I'm extremely excited to be working with him, I can already tell that we are going to get a long great!

On Thursday we weekly planned and headed up into our area (we are living with the zone leaders right now because we are waiting to get into an apartment because our area is brand new. So that's fun) and we just contacted the entire day. It was pretty sweet and we met some really cool people!

On Friday we had to go pick up the other Zone Leader from the airport and we went out to a part of Barbados called Black Rock so that someone could do an interview. We spent a good chunk of the day contacting and meeting new people again. It was pretty great!

On Saturday we went and taught a few lessons and then headed to the baptism in Black Rock, We also were able to go check out the apartment that we will be moving into. IT was pretty cool and I'm excited to have my own apartment again... haha

Sunday here is great! There are some great members in the branch and everything runs really smoothly. Then me and an Elder Harding went contacting all day long, tiring but really awesome to see!

This morning was pretty great too, we went and played volleyball on the beach which was crazy fun, but I forgot my camera! sorry...

Hope all is well and I hope to hear from you soon!

Love always,

Elder Dorrance

My new companion Elder Barlow (left). Elder Harding (zone leader) in the back. 

Zone Conference

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