Monday, February 2, 2015

One Year down, One more to love! Week 53

Hump day tie burning 

So this last week just completely flew by, I literally have no idea where it went!

On Tuesday we were still trying to figure out the bus system up here in the St. George Parrish so we were about an hour late to district meeting, which was basically over by the time we got there... haha, but still a great lesson! Then we headed home and headed out to a kind of sad day of trying to contact people house to house. It didn't work very well for us on Tuesday but that's the fun of it!

On Wednesday we had great lessons with some ladies we contacted the week before. We also found this awesome bakery that sells these rolls that Barbados is famous for called salt bread, they are amazing! They just taste like regular rolls though!

On Thursday we had weekly planning and some great lessons from contacts, but mostly just a full day of contacting. It's kind of what you have to do when you open an area... haha On Thursday I also hit a year mark, which was really cool to see the progress that I've made over the past twelve months! 

On Friday we had some really cool lessons, one with a girl named Crystal who had actually been taught before by Elder Pohl in Black Rock. So that was really cool to see her knowing my last companion, but just another day full of contacting! 

On Saturday we had a great lesson with Tony who we had taught before!

Sunday was area conference, a broadcast from Salt Lake! Elder Holland and President Packer both spoke to us which was great!

Sorry this is short! I'm all out of time!  love you!
Elder Barlow - Bikes finally

These monkeys live in our backyard

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