Monday, November 24, 2014

Status Quo - Week 43

So this was a week of working really hard and a lot of sad let-downs. 

On Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting which was focused a lot on pointing investigators and members to the temple, which is kind of hard to get to for some people because it is in the Dominican Republic. But the Zone Leaders asked me to take a few minutes and talk about finding those that will receive us which was really cool! After Zone Meeting we had a pretty alright day we were able to have a great lesson with a young woman named Judean who is very interested and keeping an open mind about what we share so that is super cool!

On Wednesday we tried to go see some people in the morning but had them fall through and we were able to contact and meet some cool people in an area that we don't go to very much called Frenches, so Elder Pohl and I are thinking about trying to help build that part of our area by doing more work over there! The rest of the day was kind of a bummer though, we had a lot fall through and actually met some semi grumpy people that didn't really want anything to do with us, so that was kind of sad, but we made it a good day!

On Thursday we were able to have a great lesson with a member about temples and how he and his family are preparing to go to the temple! He has a daughter on a mission right now which probably really helps him want to do better, so it is cool to go and talk with him about preparing for the house of the Lord! That night we were also able to have a good lesson with the Ashton family about temples also, talking about eternal marriages and families. It was kind of a hard topic for them to grasp, especially baptisms for the dead, but I think it went pretty well! 

On Friday we had a pretty uneventful day with a lot of contacting and lessons falling through. It was kind of a bummer but had a great lesson about testimonies with a less active family. It went really well and I really have a testimony of using and sharing the spirit through Mormon messages. They are so powerful and direct that I can't believe that I hadn't really seen them before my mission.

On Saturday we had our appointments cancel in the morning and another wonderful lesson with Judean about the restoration which went amazing! She is really understanding it is great! 

Sunday was a great day of church and an awesome branch council with our new branch president who is really excited about bringing the less active members back to reactivation! It's going to be really great working with him the rest of the time that I am here! 

It was a pretty great week! I cannot believe that another transfer is coming to a close! 

I hope all is well! 

I love you guys so much! Thanks for everything you do!

Love, Elder Dorrance

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