Monday, November 10, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day...Week 41

Elder Pohl

This week was pretty average! We worked really hard, got really tired, sweated a whole lot, and something to kind of put a spin on things it rained. And it rained and it rained... haha

On Tuesday we had a combined district meeting about understanding and teaching to understanding which was really good because it really focused on experiences from the Book of Mormon where the prophets there were really able to help the people they were teaching understand. We were also able to go on a trade-off. Elder Gutierrez came into our area with me and we  had a spectacular day. We were able to teach some great lessons, one in particular about humility with a member named Kolin. We focused on Heleman 3:35. Which talks about improving your humility and faith! It was awesome! It also started DUMPING rain on us while we were walking home, it was raining so hard that we just started booking it down this hill. haha. It was great until we got home and I realized that running brought back my shin splint pain so that hung around for a few days but is gone now!

On Wednesday we woke up and headed over to Calliaqua to trade back and elder Pohl and I were able to have a pretty interesting day. One lesson that really stuck out was with a man named Baynes who has met with missionaries before and knows a lot about the plan of salvation and Joseph Smith and wants to get baptised! So that was really great! The only problem is that right now he is living with his girlfriend and they aren't married, but nothing that can't be fixed!

On Thursday we had a good lesson with a man named Leslie comparing the Book of Mormon with the Bible and seeing how they teach the same things and how they both simply testify of Christ. Which went really well because he told us that he is going to start looking into the Book of Mormon to find other things that are similar in them. Then we headed down to the church to help some members clean and it turned out to be us and one other member and there was only one mop and two brooms, so Elder Pohl and i swept while Sister Smith mopped and she had to stop to go to a meeting so it just ended up with us being there for 2 hours while we took turns watching the other one mop... Loads of fun... haha 

On Friday we had almost all of our appointments fall through. But one we didn't have fall through was with an awesome member family named the Browns. We talked about the sacrament and how it really cleanses us. It was awesome! And on the way home we found ourselves running again because of the downpour of liquid from the heavens... It was a magical experience, I thought I was swimming again... 

On Saturday we had a great lesson about the restoration with a woman named Keisha and her sister which went really well. I love talking about the Book of Mormon when teaching the restoration because of how vital it really is to the establishment of the church. It is so vital. And it also completely rained like a hurricane on Saturday too. By this point Elder Pohl and I were pretty tired of getting home completely soaked through, especially me when I only have one pair of shoes and have to wear some semi-wet shoes all day the next day... haha

On Sunday we had great church. We had some good talks on seminary and missionary work, one of them by a missionary that just got back from his mission that was really good. After church we headed to a members house for lunch where we had some pretty good chicken and rice and peas. Pretty good! Then we went home to study and then to choir practice where it started pouring rain once again and no one showed up but the director with a car and the four missionaries, so that was fun... Then when it didn't let up after about an hour we decided to just book it home.

All in all a really fantasticly wet week. Taught some great lessons and found some cool people to teach and got really really wet.

I heard once from an older, more experienced missionary once, the more times you get caught in the rain as a missionary, the cuter your wife will be. So I'm not complaining.:)

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Dorrance

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